It is our mission to offer reliable transportation that is efficient, on time and above all, safe for our riders. We’ve made changes to best meet the needs of our D49 Family to provide transportation at a higher capacity while complying with COVID 19 guidance. The adjustments below will best serve our families with the least amount of disruption to the school day until we can safely return to our normal operating status. 

    Important Info:

    ALMOST ALL BUS STOPS HAVE CHANGED FOR THE START OF THE 20-21 SCHOOL YEAR. To confirm your bus and stop information for this school year, please log on to the Bus Stop Locator  and enter your information, or call 719-495-1159 for assistance.


    • WALKING ZONES: We will temporarily establish no transport (walking) zones around our campuses until we can run normal schedules. These zones are within established neighborhoods that have stoplights, sidewalks, crosswalks and crossing guards at the bigger intersections as well as being age-appropriate distances. Implementing this strategy lets us reach more families who must travel a greater distance to get to a campus, delivering students on time to reduce the impact to the start and end of school. If your home is within a temporary no transport area, you will see NO TRANSPORT ZONE when you enter your address and school in the Bus Stop Locator. 
    • Masks are required: All general education students riding buses are required to wear masks at all times. We also encourage our families to wear a mask when visiting the transportation building. 
    • ALL New Riders: We will make appointments to register new riders starting July 13. We will welcome new riders on a first come, first served basis, but we will not know how many seats we can provide for new riders, until we complete our initial count of riders approximately three weeks after the start of the school year. Please call us at 719-495-1159 to schedule an appointment to complete the registration process. Register in person at the transportation office located at 10850 East Woodmen Rd. Peyton, CO 80831 Transportation Office. Appointments will be available between 6:00AM-6:00PM starting July 13th through July 31st. We ask that parents only come in to register students to reduce the risk of spreading illness in common space areas.
    • All Existing Riders can register using your pre-existing Parent Portal Accounts https://d49.powerschool.com/public/ . Please locate your bus stop on the Bus Stop Locator first to ensure it exists, then register.  If the bus color or animal is different from last year call us at 719-495-1159 so we can update your riding information with you.
    • Creekside Success Center will no longer be used to register riders for transportation, please contact us at 719-495-1159 if you need further assistance.
    • To reduce the risk of spreading the virus to multiple buses and students, we will not offer transfer busing for “choiced in” high school, middle school and some charter school students. We will reinstate transfer service when restrictions are lifted.
    • Courtesy riders will not be allowed on special needs buses with their siblings due to capacity restraints. 
    • Replacement Bus Passes: If you need a replacement bus pass, contact us to look up the bus stop and verify the information.
    • PLEASE NOTE: SafeStop Inc., our student tracking app provider, made the difficult decision to cease operations effective for the start of this school year. We are researching other options to replace this valuable service at this time. 

    Questions/More Info

    The safety of our students is our top priority: We thank you in advance for your trust and understanding, and we are excited to return to school in August! If you have questions, please call us - 719-495-1159


    D49 Transportation Team

Last Modified on September 4, 2020