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    • Work-Based and Career Connected Learning provides students with the career-centered experiences they need for today's jobs.


      Learn about careers, build connections with industry partners, and develop/practice technical, academic, and employability skills for your career success! Work-based learning ranges from short-term experiences like workplace tours, guest speakers, and job shadows to more sustained activities like internships and pre-apprenticeships.

      Contact your advisor or teacher to ask about career-connected learning and set up your PPBEA Marketplace account to get started!

Learning About Work

  • Career & Success Advising

  • Mentorship

  • Career Presentations

  • Industry Speakers

  • Career Site Visits

  • Career Fairs

Learning Through Work

  • Credit for Work Experience

  • Project-Based Learning

  • Internships

  • Apprenticeship

Learning at Work

  • Work Study

  • On-the-Job-Training

  • Career Networking


Kelsey Grimaldo
Choice & Success Program Manager
Phone: 719-495-1149 ext 8820

Work-based Learning / Career-Connected Learning Experiences