MLO Oversight Committee - 2016 3B

  • When the District 49 electorate approves revenue streams, a committee of community members forms to help ensure the best interest of students, teachers and taxpayers. The district’s MLO oversight committee helps monitor progress in a spending plan, as it aligns with voter-approved purposes. Under the guidance of the district’s business office, the group is orientated around the district’s funding objectives and constraints, as well as the approved MLO spending plan, so it can make recommendations for changes to school programs or teacher compensation packages.
    Everyone is expected to attend regular meetings, at least six per year, with a desire to reflect on the best use of the district’s resources, and make collaborative decisions. Groups leaders are chosen to participate periodically in public meetings with their elected Board of Education directors, so they may help inform the district’s community about its implementation progress. 

    The committee is monitoring the progress of a 2016 MLO:
    • Attracting and retaining highly effective teachers by offering salaries and benefits that are competitive with other districts in El Paso County;
    • Making priority capital improvements to restore and refurbish all existing educational facilities on a regular pattern going forward;
    • Investing in the traditional high schools to ensure the buildings provide equitable opportunities for students and safe and effective environments for student achievement;
    • Constructing two K-5 neighborhood schools, in order to serve current demand in the central and northern portions of the district;
    Specifically, the committee is focusing on priority two projects, refreshing and refurbishing all existing educational facilities. The approval of 3B makes $20 million available each decade for improvement at all existing schools across the district.

    In the informational packets below, you'll notice projects that are highlighted in green, blue or orange. These colors help indicate the status level of the project from the MLO Oversight Committee.

    Blue highlighted projects indicate an original submission from the school, the results of a collaborative effort between building staff and the district planning and operation departments.These items have not yet begun the MLO Oversight Committee approval process.

    Items highlighted in green have received support from the School Accountability Committee and the MLO oversight committee. In the first round of priority two work, only 60-percent of allocated money to each school is being spent as a budget control measure. The projects that aren't highlighted are scheduled to be completed at a later time as remaining priority two funds for each campus are available.

    Items highlighted in orange have been changed, either in the amount required to complete the project, or in the scope of the project from the original submission to the MLO Oversight Committee. Any changes are required to come before the committee for additional review. The orange colored items have been endorsed with the submitted changes.
    Project pricing in the lists are estimates. The district operations and planning teams will receive bulk bids for similar projects occurring at multiple campuses to bring individual project costs down below the listed estimates. Allocating the first 60-percent of available funds for priority two projects and getting bulk pricing will make more money available for the other projects on the lists.
    Items in the lists that are not highlighted have been endorsed by School Accountability Committees and the MLO Oversight Committee, but fall below the current 60-percent budgeting threshold mentioned above. These projects will be completed at a later date as additional funds are dispersed.  
Heather Diaz
Accounting Process Manager
Phone: 719.495.1127

2016 3B Requests Approval Log

MLO Oversight Committee Meeting Documents - 2016 3B