MLO Oversight Committee - 2014 3A

  • When the District 49 electorate approves revenue streams, a committee of community members forms to help ensure the best interest of students, teachers and taxpayers. The district’s MLO oversight committee helps monitor progress in a spending plan, as it aligns with voter-approved purposes. Under the guidance of the district’s business office, the group is orientated around the district’s funding objectives and constraints, as well as the approved MLO spending plan, so it can make recommendations for changes to school programs or teacher compensation packages.
    Everyone is expected to attend regular meetings, at least six per year, with a desire to reflect on the best use of the district’s resources, and make collaborative decisions. Groups leaders are chosen to participate periodically in public meetings with their elected Board of Education directors, so they may help inform the district’s community about its implementation progress. 

    Committee The committee has been monitoring the progress of a 2014 MLO, which focuses on the following areas:
    • Continuing repayment of capital construction costs authorized by the 2005 ballot question;
    • Attracting and retaining highly effective teachers by offering salaries and benefits that are competitive with other districts in El Paso County;
    • Offering classes for students to receive college credits, earn career certifications, and prepare for academics and employment after high school;
    • Securing the grounds, traffic flow, main entries, and classrooms at district schools while training and equipping safety personnel; and Providing students with technology to adapt and accelerate achievement' and teacher training and support to enhance and assess learning.
Heather Diaz
Accounting Process Manager
Phone: 719.495.1127

Approved 2014 3A MLO Requests

MLO Committee Meeting Documents - 2014 3A