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    Kindergarten birthdate cutoffs

    August 15th for Evans Elem, Remington Elem and Springs Ranch Elem

    September 15th for Bennett Ranch Elem, Falcon Elem, Meridian Ranch Elem, Woodmen Hills Elem, Inspiration View Elem,  Odyssey Elem, Ridgeview Elem and Stetson Elem


    Preschool applications will NOT be processed unless you have a Preschool Acceptance Letter.


     Our registration team will assist in getting your child registered in District 49. We're located at 3850 Pony Tracks Drive in Colorado Springs.

    Our office phone number is 719.494.8911. You may call with any questions, or use our live chat feature.
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    The Registration office is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 
    To expedite the registration process, ensure you have all required documents listed on this page. A registration cannot be started without these documents. It is each parent or guardian's responsibility to upload these documents. The registration office does not request school records or accept faxes from previous schools.
    Once registered in District 49, school level registrars request records, such as transcripts, grades and attendance. For new students enrolling in high school, parents or guardians should request transcripts from the previous school and take them to the new school. This helps high school counselors quickly review credits and compile a schedule, which includes an official start date.

    If you are registering a new student in District 49, or transferring a student from Banning Lewis Ranch Academy, Rocky Mountain Classical Academy, GOAL, or Power Technical to another District 49 school, please complete each registration step outlined below.
    If your child is a current District 49 student transferring from one neighborhood District 49 school to another, contact both the former and new schools about the transfer. As a transfer, except those mentioned in the above papagragh, a new registration application is not required.

    I'm Ready to Register. What's Next?

    Before beginning, carefully read the registration document requirements. Applications without the required documentation are unable to be processed. Parents/guardians will be contacted by email through LiveChat, if documents are missing, unreadable or unacceptable.
    Parents/guardians who are completing the registration application, please add yourself as contact one with an email.
    Documents that are two sided or have more than one page, need to be scanned as one document. Only one document per file can be uploaded. If you do not have a scanner, please stop by the registration office Monday-Friday, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., for assistance.

    Registration applications must be completed either at home or in the registration office. If you expect issues completing an application at home, please bring all required documents to the registration office for help with the application and uploading the documents.
    If your child has left District 49 for more than 60 days, please complete a registration application with all required documents.
    Our 30-day Requirement: Unsubmitted applications are held for 30 days, and then deleted. This also applies to applications submitted and put on hold for incomplete or unacceptable documents. Carefully review application requirements to ensure application includes all required documents.

    Document 1, Birth Certificate    

      • Birth certificate: The parent enrolling the student must be listed on the birth certificate, unless there are formal court guardianship or notarized power of attorney papers giving guardianship to the person applying for admissions.
        • Hospital-issued birth notices are not acceptable
        • If you do not have your child's birth certificate please request it from their previous school to be sent directly to you or order a new one.
        • If you are unable to find or access your child's birth certificate, you may order one and use the order receipt as the birth certificate until it arrives.
          • The receipt must be dated within the previous 30 days.
          • Once the birth certificate has arrived, please take it directly to the school for review and upload. 
    • If the parents are legally separated or divorced, each parent has equal rights to the custody of their children unless a legal filed court order specifies differently. Please ensure that the school has the most current legal documents.

    Document 2, Immunization Records

      • Immunization Immunization records: Record must clearly show child's name and birth date.
      • If record is two sided or more than one page, page scan as one document. Only one document can be uploaded per file. 
      • If you do not have your child's immunization record, please contact your child's pediatrician or previous school and request they be sent directly to you.

    Document 3, Parent or Guardian ID

                         ID: State issued ID or passport

    Parents/guardians who are completing the registration application, please add yourself as contact one with an email.

    Document 4, Proof of Residency

    • Proof of Residency Proof of residency: All documents provided must be current and dated within the preceding 60 days of registration. Documents must include the mailing address, service address (if service bill or mortgage statement) complete date (month, day and year) and names. This is required even if you have other students enrolled and attending District 49 schools. 
      • Service bill (discontinuance notices are unable to be accepted), including cable, trash, residential propane, land line phone or internet. We need the entire page of the bill to clearly see the utility name, account holder name, billing address, and billing date.  
      • Rental or lease agreement, signed within the preceding 60 days, which includes names of property owners or management company, renters or lessees, beginning date of the rental or lease, address and signature page (both tenants and property owners or management company must have signed off. In addition, the confirmed change of address document from the USA postal service may be required.
      • Home purchase contract with buyer and seller names, address, closing date and signature pages. The closing date must be within 60 days of registration. If the purchase contract was countered, in addition to the original contract items, we will need the first page of the counter, the page showing any changes to the closing dates and the final signature pages from both the buyers and sellers. All pages must be scanned together as one document. If you are building a house and do not have a typical purchase contract, you will need a letter on the builder's letterhead that includes your name(s), the address of the house being built, the closing date and the representative's name and phone number.
      • Mortgage statement that includes current date (within the preceding 60 days of registration) names, mailing address and service address.
      • No utility bills in your name, or living with another family?
      • A notarized letter from owner or renter indicating names of all individuals within your family along with the owner or renter's current service bill or mortgage statement, dated within the preceding 60 days of registration. In addition, the confirmed change of address document from the USA postal service is required.


    Document 5, Acceptance Letter (Only Required For Below Schools)


    With all documents scanned, you can begin a registration application.


    Start Online Registration Application

    Internet Explorer or Edge (Windows 10) will not work for online registration. To ensure a smooth process, please use Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

       Learn more about our schools by visiting their buildings or websites.
                                They're listed in our school directory.
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Student Media Release

  • Media Release

    District 49 often takes photos and videos and invites members of the media into its schools to tell the story of our mission to prepare every child for success. We appreciate your cooperation and consent in allowing us to capture imagery of your student for our use in various mediums. This includes, but not limited to, external media outlets such as television and newspaper, as well as internal media producers who update the district’s website, participatory media platforms, advertisements, promotional materials and other online and offline publications.
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  • Media Release, Espa�ol

    El Distrito Escolar 49 a menudo toma fotografías e invita a los medios de comunicación a las escuelas del distrito para que relaten la historia de nuestra misión de preparar a todo niño para el éxito. Apreciamos su colaboración y consentimiento al permitir que capturemos imágenes de sus niños para nuestro uso en varios medios. Esto incluye, entre otros, medios de comunicación externos tales como televisión y periódicos, así como productores de medios internos que actualizan el sitio web del distrito, plataformas de medios participativos, publicidad, materiales de promoción y otras publicaciones en Internet y demás.

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