Remodel & Additions at Three Largest High Schools

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    The third priority of the BOFC House Building Our Future Community plan includes a major remodel or addition project at each of the three largest high schools. This will effectively balance opportunities that facilities provide at Falcon High School, Sand Creek High School, and Vista Ridge High School. The below plans are proposals and should be considered as pending. Changes may be made during the decision process as the cost of materials, costs of utilities and other operating expenses are calculated through the design process.
    FHS Logo Falcon High School
    • Addition to create new learning spaces
    Gannt FHS Addition 170118
    SCHS logo Sand Creek High School
    • Major remodel in a portion of the school for flexible learning space  
     SCHS Renovation BOFC
    Gannt Chart SCHS Remodel 170118  
    VRHS Website Vista Ridge High School
    • Auditorium
    • Auxiliary gymnasium
    VRHS Proposals
    Gannt VRHS Addition  

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