Remodel & Additions at Three Largest High Schools

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    The third priority of the BOFC HOUSE Building Our Future Community plan included a major remodel or addition project at each of the three largest high schools. This would effectively balance opportunities that facilities provide at Falcon High School, Sand Creek High School, and Vista Ridge High School.
    The community supported the passage of 3B in 2016 which provided the funding. Per the 3B Priority 3 criteria, District 49 invested $17 million on remodeling and additions at the schools.  The projects at all three schools came in on time and under budget. 
    The projects begain in 2017 and construction was completed in 2018. Falcon High School added new learning spaces for about $5.5 million. Sand Creek High School had new learning spaces built for about $4.8 million.  Vista Ridge High School had a new auditorium and auxilary gymnasium built for about $6.7 million. 
    Falcon High School
    Added 15,946 square feet.
    The addition is is known as wing "K" and has a CTE shop, darkroom, print shop, multiple computer labs and a health services classroom.  
    Sand Creek High School
    Added 4,910 square feet, which consists of an athletic wing with a wrestling room.
    The renovation portion of the project consisted of turning four classrooms into a maker space, including a media center, computer lab and engineering area.
    The auditorium received a new audio/visual system as well as a lighting upgrade. 
    Vista Ridge High School
    Added 14,267 square feet.
    The addition included a new auxiliary gym.
    The renovation included creating a new auditorium, with a back stage area, and a multi-use open space.
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    How the Mill Levy Override Works
    The approval of 3B in 2016 (now included in the updated, and current MLO approved in 2018 (4C) generated about $17 million for remodeling and additions to the three largest high schools. District 49 does not go into debt by issuing bonds, rather, uses Certificates of Participation to finance the work involved in the projects. The MLO provides funding to pay off the CoPs over a 25-year period. Once the CoPs are paid, the district will be able to reallocate the MLO funds for remodeling projects, new construction or others needs.   
    The MLO Oversight Committee evaluates these projects. More informtion on the committe can be found here: MLO Oversight Committee
    Progess reports from the completed renovation work can be found here: 3B Progress Reports