Concurrent Enrollment (CE)

  • -Promoting and ensuring affordable, equitable access to successful college learning-
    Looking for free college or job training in high school? Want to avoid student loan debt? Concurrent Enrollment is offered at all D49 high schools and provides on- and off-campus college courses for transfer to 2-year and 4-year colleges and universities as well as hands-on career & technical training through the Career Start Program. Earn free college credits and weighted high school grades while finishing your graduation requirements! Students typically earn 2 semesters of high school credit for each 1-semester college course. Contact your counselor today to build your personalized pathway plan to your future!  
    Spring 2020 CE & ASCENT Student Applications due Friday, Sept 11
    Here's how to get started
    1. Contact your HS Counselor and complete your pathway plan
    2. Apply Online to Pikes Peak Community College - Obtain Student ID (S#) and login
    3. Apply for College Opportunity Fund 
    4. Prep for/take NextGen Accuplacer Exam – Practice Tests More Practice
    5. Submit CE Student Application by Sept 11 
    College readiness scores (updated 10/15/18):
          NextGen Accuplacer     SAT ACT
    English Writing 246+ 470 18
    Reading  -- 470 17
    AR 265+ Career/Fin Math
    QAS 240+ Lib Arts, Statistics
    AAF 245-279 College Algebra
    AAF 280+ Pre-Calculus
    500 Career/Fin Math
    500 Lib Arts, Statistics
    590 College Algebra
    610 Pre-Calculus

    AR-Arith; QAS-Quant Reasoning, Alg, Stats; AAF- Adv Alg & Functions

CE Frequently Asked Questions