Falcon Homeschool Academic Program

  • FHAP Mission Statement:

    The Falcon Homeschool Academic Program's mission is to thoughtfully blend a spirit of innovation and time-held tradition to homeschooled students through hybrid exposure in concepts related to Math, English, Science, STEM, and History in a nurturing and respectful environment 

    The academic program classes serve as the students' curriculum for the school year and are taught in a blended format in which students attend classes at our location and work with their parent at home in preparation for the next class. Classes are synchronous in nature and the following expectations are critical for student success:
    • Home assignment accountability
    • Attendance
    • Preparation
    • Participation
    • Parent Involvement
    The following courses are offered to students of the academic program:
    To assure accurate course determination, interested students within the Academic Program will be asked to take a preassessment in the areas of math and English. Course placement is made by a combination of preassessment results, parent input, and age/maturity. In order for students to participate in FHAP, they must select a course schedule that is comprised of a minimum of 12 points as described below:

    Course Points
    Math 6
    English 6
    Science (Chemistry, Biology) 6
    Financial Math 3
    Science (Earth Science, Physical Science, Forensic Science, Life Science) 3
    Online History 3
    STEM 3
    To view our current schedule for Tuesdays/Thursdays, please click the link: Academic Schedule

    A few noteworthy items:

      • Academic Program is located at it The Campus - 6113 Consitution Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80915
      • L3: Lifelong, Learning and Leadership Students participate via discussions and hands-on activities in whole group, small group, and individual sessions where they learn and practice skills that can help them achieve their full potential in all aspects of their life. 
      • Electives will take place once a week. Elective opportunities will be largely student-led and managed, rotate on a quarterly basis, and will be an option for those who have their classwork complete.