Falcon Homeschool Enrichment Program

  • The Falcon Homeschool Enrichment Programs mission is to provide resources and academically engaging, friendship-building opportunities to homeschooled students in a nurturing and respectful environment. 
    Falcon Homeschool Enrichment Program classes are organized so students attend one day a week (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday) from 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m., and are placed in one of our four classrooms.
    1. Kindergarten and first grade
    2. Second and third grades
    3. Fourth and fifth grades
    4. Sixth and seventh grades
    The focus of Enrichment Program classes throughout the day is largely on thematic lessons in social studies and science in which students participate in hands-on and cooperative activities that emphasize problem-solving and critical thinking.
    First Semester 2024-25 , 2026-2027school year K-1 2-3 4-5 6-7
    Social Studies

    Our World - Native Americans

    Our World- Countries



    American Revolutionary War

    U.S. Government




    Our World - Rainforests

    Space and properties (solids, liquids, gases)


    Living Things



    DNA & Genetics

    Human Body systems (respitory, digestive, cardiovascular, neurological, special senses-dissection: no reproductive system study

    Second Semester 2023-2024, 2025-2026 school year K-1 2-3 4-5 6-7
    Social Studies


    Early Explorations and Settlements

    America the Beautiful

    Ancient Egypt and Ancient Rome

    American Civil War

      Ancient Greece, Civilization and Mythology



    Earth's surface and landforms


    Rocks, Erosion, and Landforms

    Forces and Motion

    States of Matter

    Renewable Energy 




    Geology:rocks and minerals 

    STEM & Arts Exploration Topics 2022-2023
    Semester 1 Arts Rotations:
    Arts Journals: Listening to Music/Looking at Art
    Visual Art Through Time
    Music Rhythm Studies (bucket drumming, body percussion)
    Semester 1 STEM Rotations:
    Team Engineering Challenges and Projects using the Engineering Design Process
    STEM Lab (science process skills, application of STEM special topics of study)
    Semester 2 Arts Rotations:
    Arts Journals: Listening to Music/Looking at Art
    Introduction to Drama
    Music Rhythm Studies 2 (bucket drumming, body percussion)
    Semester 2 STEM Rotations:
    Team Engineering Challenges & STEM Career Explorations
    Natural Disasters (landslides, floods, fires, hurricanes, thunderstorms)
    STEM Lab (hands-on activities and experiments using the engineering design process and the Scientific Method)
    Please note: With our limited time for instruction with children, we do not claim to offer an entire year's worth of social studies and science - but instead provide our topics in advance so that families have the option of correlating what they are learning at home to the experiences they will be having while at FHP.

FHP Student Placement

  • Student placement is largely based on age with the following age parameters.

    FHEP Class Grade Levels Minimum Age
    Maximum Age
    Kindergarten and first grade
    5 years old 7 years old
    Second and third grades
    7 years old 9 years old
    Fourth and fifth grades
    9 years old 11 years old
    Sixth and seventh grades
    11 years old 13 years old
    FHAP Courses
    The maximum age to participate in the academic program is 18 years old on Sept. 15 of the current school year.