Stakeholder Grievance Process

  • In its work toward becoming the best district in Colorado to learn, work and lead, District 49 is striving to be more intentional about connecting with stakeholders in tangible, sincere and effective ways. Toward that end, the Board of Education recently adopted a new stakeholder grievance policy and process, designated policy KEA. The goal of this process to provide a clear and well-documented process for presenting and facilitating resolution to grievances, foster open communication, and clarify accountability for the parties involved.

    Direct communication remains the preferred method of resolving disagreement and stakeholders are expected to attempt to resolve concerns by speaking directly with the individual with whom the disagreement exists before initiating the grievance process.

    What may be grieved?
    The Board established this grievance policy for resolution of grievances that involve one or more Board policies. It does not exist to resolve simple disagreements, personality differences or disputes over a classroom teacher’s or an administrator’s legitimate decision or actions. Staff may not use the grievance process to dispute a performance evaluation or corrective action.
    In bringing a grievance forward for resolution, the stakeholder will be required to specify the policy in question and whether s/he:
    1. Alleges the policy was violated; or
    2. Alleges that the policy was misapplied or inequitably applied; or
    3. Is requesting that the policy be changed; or
    4. Is requesting that an exception to policy be made.
    Who may use the policy?
    The grievance process is available to parents or those with custodial rights of District 49 students, to residents of District 49 and to full-time employees of District 49.
    How do I access the grievance policy?
    Stakeholders may access the new policy, regulation, and grievance form at the following links:
    Who are the process facilitators?
    The new policy includes a support mechanism to help facilitate resolution of grievances. The policy designates the director of human resources and the coordinator of cultural capacity as process facilitators. Questions about the new policy and process should be directed to Paul Andersen, director of human resources or Dr. Louis Fletcher, coordinator of cultural capacity.
    Initiate stakeholder grievance process with stakeholder grievance form.