Sand Creek High School Class of 2024 Announcements

  • The Class of 2024 will graduate on Friday, May 24th, 2024 at 1pm at the World Arena.

    Students will report at 11:15am. Doors will open to the public at 12pm and the ceremony itself will begin at 1pm. 

    A seating chart will be sent out prior to the ceremony so that families know where their senior will sit. We will read names in alphabetical order but the top 10% of students' names will be read prior, in the order that they graduated (i.e. 1st in the class, then 2nd, then 3rd).

    Student speakers will consist of one member of the top 10% and one elected speaker (this can be anyone from the senior class). Auditions for the elected speaker will take place in the spring.

    Students MUST have a cap and gown in order to walk at graduation. They will also be required to wear the stole that comes with their gown as well as their cap. Caps CAN be decorated but must be school appropriate.


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  • Here are the next Senior Event Dates:

    2/27: Jostens will be in the lobby during lunches fo hand out graduation announcements We will reschedule this delivery. Announcements have not shipped yet!

    2/29: Deadline to order personalized Yard Signs. (Non Personalized signs will be ordered for each senior and no action is needed). Personalized signs are $15:

    4/23: 3.75 Dessert at 6:00pm. For Seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher. Invite includes Senior + 2 guests + teacher to honor. Speech is required. Dessert will be served.

    4/30: Senior Banquet at 6pm. Open to all seniors + 2 guests. Cost is $15 pp and the senior is free. RSVP Here.

    5/1: Senior Walk 8am-11am. Parent permission required. Students need to wear their cap, gown, stole and tassel. Parent Permission Form.

    5/1: Cap Decorating/Senior Prank.

    5/3: Senior Skip Day. Students are not excused from school. 

    5/3: Credit Recovery/Online Classes CLOSE. This includes taking finals.

    5/6: Military Signing at 3:30pm. Open to all seniors enlisting in the military. No limit on guests. Cake reception after. RSVP Here.

    5/9: Last day of classes for seniors. 

    5/10: Prom at the Pinery North from 7-10pm.

    5/13-5/14: Finals for senior classes

    5/13: Senior checkout forms available in Student Success Center.

    5/15: Senior checkout forms due.

    5/24: Graduation at the World Arena at 1pm



    4/30: Senior Banquet at 6pm. Cost: $15 per person, seniors are free. Held in the SCHS Gymnasium. Dress Code: Business Casual


    • INSTRUCTIONS: Be sure to fill out the form to RSVP for this event. Once the form is filled out, you can pay with Ms. Barb in the athletic window or email to request to have this added to your PowerSchool account to pay online. YOUR RSVP WILL NOT BE COUNTED UNTIL BOTH THE FORM AND PAYMENT ARE COMPLETE.

    • At this event, we recognize students for their GPA (3.75 or higher), Academic Lettering, Post-Secondary Choice (college, career, military, trade school), and Scholarships (self reported in the RSVP). 

    • Students will also receive cords (unless individual activity sponsors hand them out at their own banquets). 

    • At the end of the event, we will hold the capping ceremony. Seniors should select one of their guests to “cap” them, signifying their readiness to graduate. 

    • Student Expectation: Seniors should prepare a small speech for their chosen person. This speech will be read at your table and all seniors will read their speech to their person at the same time. We will then direct your person to “cap” you.

    • Parent/Guest Expectations: Families are more than welcome to take photos throughout the event. We will have the backdrop available for your senior to put on their cap and gown and get photos! During the capping ceremony, your senior will read their speech to you and you will be responsible for making sure the tassel is attached to the cap and then you will cap your senior (put their cap on their head). 

    • Caps and gowns will be distributed at the beginning of the event along with senior signs and senior t-shirts if you did not receive one yet this year..

    • We will serve Texas Roadhouse for dinner (BBQ Chicken OR Pulled Pork, Green Beans, Corn, Salad and rolls).

    • We have capped this event to the senior + 2 guests due to capacity

    • Payment will be taken prior to the event with Ms. Barb in the athletic office. We take cash, check or card. Please see the above instructions if you would like to pay online. 

    • You are not able to attend this event WITHOUT AN RSVP. Be sure to RSVP no later than Friday, 4/19. We must have a food count at this point!


    Additional Opportunities for Seniors:

    4/23: 3.75 Dessert at 6:00pm. Cost: FREE. Held in the SCHS Commons. Dress Code: Business Casual. 

    This event has an RSVP and that link can be found in those selected senior emails.

    • Students that have earned a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher have received an email informing them of that status. Please have your student check their email if you think they fall in this category. This is limited to seniors + 2 guests and a selected teacher. 

    • Student Expectation: Students will need to select a teacher to be recognized and will need to prepare a short speech on why they chose this teacher. Students will receive a certificate.

    • Parent/Guest Expectation: Parents are invited to enjoy desserts and refreshments for the event. You are more than welcome to take photos while your child is on stage and after the event! You will not need to do anything but be present. We limit this event to the student + teacher + 2 guests.

    • RSVPs are due by Friday, 4/19. Speeches must also be mailed to Mrs. Stuart by this date as well.

    5/1: Senior Walk at 8am. Cost: FREE. Transportation: Provided. Dress Code: Cap, Gown and Stole

    Fill out the Parent Permission form here:

    • Students will report to the commons at 8am to create mini diplomas to award to staff along their trip. They can recognize as many staff members as they like from their teachers, K-12.

    • Students will load onto the busses to head to Springs Ranch, Evans, Remington, Horizon, Stetson, and RMCA. Transportation is provided. We will depart at 9am.

    • Seniors that attend the senior walk will be excused from their 1C and 2C class

    • Family Members/Parents typically do not attend this event. 


    5/6: Military Signing at 3:30pm. Cost: FREE. Held in the SCHS Commons. Dress Code: Casual unless military recruiter specifies something else for senior

    RSVP for this event here:

    • This event is to honor and recognize students that are enlisting in the military. 

    • We invite military recruiters to say a few words about their group or individual students enlisting. We will then have students “sign”; similar to an athletic signing. We will bring up all enlistees from each branch at the same time.

    • There is no limit on guests at this event but we ask that you let us know how many will attend.

    • Student Expectations: Students will go up on stage and “sign” their letter of intent for the military. Families are welcome to take pictures all throughout their students’ time on stage. Each branch will sign together. 

    • Parent/Family Expectations: Families will have seating on the lower level of the commons in front of the stage. You are able to take photos during and after the ceremony. 

    • A cake reception will follow after as well as the reveal of our Military Honor wall, sponsored by the American Legion. 

    • Military enlistees will receive a red, white and blue cord to wear at graduation

    • RSVPs are due by Friday, 5/3 at 3pm.

    Additional events and information:

    5/1: Cap Decorating/Senior Prank in the evening Cost: FREE Supplies Needed: Items for the theme and to decorate your graduation cap

    • Seniors are allowed to decorate their caps for graduation so this event allows them to do it all together with other seniors!

    • Seniors will then be pulled out in groups for the Senior Prank. We do this under the supervision of the senior class sponsor and our building manager. We make sure students have fun yet are not destructive. 

    • Theme: Wrap it Up! Seniors should bring wrapping paper, bubble wrap, tape and anything else that fits in that category.


    5/3: Credit Recovery/Online Classes Close

    • This is the LAST day for students to work in Edgenuity to complete their online courses.

    • Finals must also be completed by this date. This is the date courses will close so please be sure to get your work turned in prior to. 

    • We need time to process these classes and get them on the transcript.


    I Committed Recognition: Seniors that have made a decision on what they will do after high school have the opportunity to be showcased in our lobby and on facebook with our “I Committed” posts. If you would like your senior to be recognized, fill out the google form here: Check out our facebook page for past posts! We post every Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday, in the order they are submitted.

    Caps and Gowns. Cost: $60 Delivered: on 4/30 at the senior banquet


    Week of 5/6: Senior Sunset at sunset. Cost: FREE. Held on the practice football/soccer field.

    • Senior students will meet on the practice football field at sunset. The senior class president and sponsor will say a few words and then students will do a balloon release (balloons provided by the school). 

    • This event does not have an RSVP. All seniors are welcome to attend!


    5/9-5/13/14: Last day of class for seniors & Senior Finals

    • 5/9 is the last day of class for seniors (there is no school on Friday, 5/10)

    • 5/13-5/14 will be senior final days. Seniors typically need all of the classes they are in to graduate. Be sure to have grades up to passing by 5/14 as we cannot extend the deadline.


    5/13-15: Senior Exit Form Due. 

    • ALL Students (including virtual/CE) will need to come into the school to obtain a senior exit form from the counseling office and will need to pay all outstanding fees, return all checked out books and will need to complete a senior exit survey.

    • This survey will indicate your post-secondary plans for school reporting purposes and we will also find out if you are WALKING IN THE GRADUATION CEREMONY. This is how we seat and read the names of students at graduation.

    • Students that have a relative that has or currently serves in the military should note this on the form and upon completion of the form, will receive their military cord. 

    • We also go over name pronunciation at this time for our name readers.

    • Early Junior grads must complete this form. Early grads from December should have already filled this form out. 

    • Check out forms are due on 5/15 by the end of the school day.




    5/24: Graduation at 1pm. Cost: FREE (no limit on guests). Held at the Broadmoor World Arena.

    • Seniors will need to be in their seats by 11:15am. We will practice walking into the arena prior to opening the doors. 

    • The main gates of the BWA will be opened at 12pm for families. Seating is first come, first serve (although there isn’t a bad seat in the arena!). There is NO limit on guests and tickets ARE NOT required. 

    • The ceremony will begin at 1pm and should end around 2:30pm. We will be facing traffic  from Vista Ridge’s graduation on the way in; this may only affect your senior but I wanted you to be aware. Traffic isn’t great leaving the arena either so please know that it may take up to an hour to leave the parking lot (in case you are making brunch reservations after the event).

    • Diplomas will be given to students that completed their senior exit form/survey at the arena. This means students DO NOT owe any money, books or uniforms to the school will have their diploma on site to pick up. If the student still has a balance on the day of graduation, students can come to the school on 5/28 and pay their fees to receive their diploma. If students do not want to wait in line, they can pick up their diploma on Tuesday 5/28 during normal school hours. 

    • Once the ceremony is over, seniors are free to leave with their families. 

    • More specific parking information will be sent out closer to graduation. 

    • A seating chart will also be sent out closer to graduation so that you know where your child is sitting and what side of the arena they will enter for Pomp and Circumstance. Students with a 3.75 or higher GPA will graduate in order of their GPA (i.e. 1st in the class, 2nd in the class…) and we will then follow alphabetical order.

    • Students must wear their cap, gown, STOLE, and tassel. We recommend you take your cap and gown out of the bag prior to the morning of the event. Be sure to have ALL pieces of your cap and gown. The stole is a part of the outfit. 

    • SHOES: We recommend that you DO NOT wear spiked heels but instead choose a wedge if you insist on a high shoe. Students will need to walk up steps, across the stage and down the other side and we want to avoid tripping at all costs. 



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  • Did you get your senior tshirt? All seniors have had a shirt ordered for them and they are FREE! Reach out to Mrs. Stuart to coordinate a time to pick it up.


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  • Seniors and Senior Families were emailed an explanation of all end of year events and important information on 2/10. Here was the email.


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