Using the District Logo

  • District 49’s website, located at, received an upgrade during the 2014 summer break. As part of the website development process, District 49’s logo also got refreshed. To remain fiscally responsible, the district is implementing an extended phase-in, phase-out period. As materials with the previous logo are expended or wear out, use the new logo. Faculty are instructed to not spend money to replace usable items simply to apply the new logo design.
    District Logo
    District 49 Full Color — This is the default logo for use in most situations. The logo can be used on both black and white backgrounds. Avoid mid tone backgrounds and never allow surrounding text to touch the logo. Never skew, stretch or otherwise distort the logo. The font used is Adobe Garamond Pro. Suggested uses: Websites, brochures, fliers, advertisements and letterheads.

    District 49 Flat Color
    District 49 Flat Color — This is an alternate version of the default logo for use when gradients either limit readability or result in high printing costs. Suggested use: Screen printing shops that cannot guarantee gradients will print sharp.

    Green: #467f3f; CMYK: 76, 29. 97, 14; RGB: 70, 127, 63
    Gold: #e3a960; CMYK: 11, 36, 73, 0; RGB: 226, 167, 93
    Grey: #d4d4d4; CMYK: 16, 12, 12, 0; RGB: 212, 212, 212

    District 49 Green
    District 49 Green — This is an alternate single-color version for limited use. This is the only authorized single-color version.

    District 49 Black
    District 49 Black — This is an alternate grey scale version for limited use. This is the only authorized black-and-white version.

    The below versions are for use when horizontal space is limited. Whenever possible, use the versions that spell out "District 49". Suggested uses: Department branding, such as shirt or jacket sleeves.
     D49 Full Color D49 Flat Color  
     49 Green D49 Black  

District Logo Images

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