What's Our Name?

  • Our name is "School District 49," as adopted in a board resolution Feb. 25, 2015. For quick recognition and message consistency within our community, we often refer to ourselves simply as "District 49." We're currently coordinating schools in Falcon ZonePOWER Zone and Sand Creek Zone, as well as facilitating non-traditional options in iConnect Zone.

    As one of the fastest growing school districts in Colorado, we've experienced a lot of growth and change. New home construction and competitive choices contribute to our increasing student numbers. During the 2011-2012 school year, we reported a total enrollment of 15,036 students to the Colorado Department of Education. During 2015-2016, our enrollment surged to 20,561 students.

    District 49 incorporates many new residential areas, from the northeast part of Colorado Springs to the Falcon area of El Paso County. The term "Falcon" is being phased out in all district level references, so it may specifically refer to the area served by Falcon Zone.
    The Board of Education authorizes "El Paso County School District 49" as an official naming convention, which we often use in budget and contractual matters. Other terms that refer to the same entity but mostly in older databases, include "Falcon School District 49," "El Paso County Consolidated School District 49," "El Paso School District 49," and "El Paso County Falcon Consolidated School District 49."

District 49 Style Guide

  • When adopting style guides, organizations commit to ensuring consistency and discipline in writing, while limiting confusion. They offer a way to communicate with a set of standards, which are made available across an organization. District 49 mostly follows the Associated Press Stylebook, along with some localized references.
  • "District 49" On All References, "D49" When Space is Limited

    Use "District 49" on all written and spoken references. Use "School District 49" when context is necessary for clarity. "D49" may only be used when space is limited, but "D-49" (with a hyphen) should never be used. In prose, it's unnecessary to capitalize "district" when it's not used with the official name. For example, "District 49" and "the district", or "District 49 teachers welcome students back to school in August," or, "Teachers in the district returned to school July 26."
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  • Central Office, Education Service Center

    District 49 refers to its central office as the "Education Service Center." The general, nonproper term "central office" is recommended when it helps with clarity. In other words, if you telling someone they need to visit the district’s central office, rather than its Education Service Center, will help them better relate with the direction, use central office (no caps). For example, "Please visit our central office to register as a vounteer," or "Our district leadership is based out of the Education Service Center on Woodmen Road in Peyton."

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  • Spell Out School Names

    Always spell out, no acronyms or otherwise abridged references as proper nouns. For example, Falcon Elementary School of Technology educates hundreds of children. Last week, the school hosted a guest speaker. It was the speaker’s first visit to Falcon Elementary School of Technology. Refer to the school directory page for accurate school names.
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  • District 49 Fonts

    The District 49 brand consists of two fonts. These fonts should be used together in material created by the district for all print, digital and video media. The two fonts may be used together or individually depending on the needs of the individual document, stylistic choice of the author and where the document will ultimately be viewed. The District 49 logo uses Adobe Garamond Pro font. Garamond may be used as an alternative when the Adobe Garamond Pro font is not available. Arial is the second font used in the District 49 brand. In general, Arial is better used in digital material and Adobe Garamond Pro is better suited for print applications, but both fonts may be used within a document to create style or enhance presentation.
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