Homeless Education

  • McKinney-Vento Act

    The McKinney-Vento Act was enacted to address the numerous barriers homeless children face in obtaining a free, appropriate public education.

    The program was originally authorized in 1987 and, most recently, reauthorized as within the Every Student Succeeds Act. The Act ensures educational rights and protections for children and youth experiencing homelessness including:

    • The right to immediate enrollment in school, even if lacking paperwork normally required for enrollment.
    • The right to attend school in his/her school of origin, if in the child or youth’s best interest, or if the school in the attendance area where the family or youth is currently residing.
    • The right to receive transportation to his/her school of origin, if this is requested by the parent or unaccompanied youth.
    • The right to services comparable to those received by household schoolmates, including transportation and supplemental educational services.
    • The right to attend school along with children not experiencing homelessness. Segregation based on a student's status as homeless is strictly prohibited.
    • The posting of homeless students’ rights in all schools and other places around the community.
Lorretta Grimaldo
Title Programs Manager McKinney-Vento Liaison
Phone: 719.494.8905
Karen Parks
Parent Engagement Teacher on Special Assignment
Phone: 719.495.5361

Family Resources

  • A list of resources from the district and our local community can be found on our Family Resources page.