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  • District 49 uses Google Plus similar to Facebook. We frequently share stories highlighting the teachers, students and parents leading opportunities in District 49’s schools and community. Our stories are posted as invitations for you to learn about opportunities though narratives and features. The hope is that we can help you collaborate publicly with our community, or more intimately with your friends or family. We also stream Board of Education meeting using the Hangouts On Air. You’re always encouraged to express your ideas, or ask for more information, directly on our page at

    District 49 employees have a Google Plus account connected to their employee email account. If you'd like to start a live Hangout with a district employee, such as a teacher or administrator, ask about their availability in the platform. To start a Hangout, an invitation need only include a valid district email.

    If you have any questions or comments, please sign into to share them below. If you'd like to share something privately with the district communications team, click the live chat button at the bottom of this page.

    Thanks for following District 49 on Google Plus.