Facebook: Like, Follow, See First

District 49 uses Facebook's social-networking service for community engagement. We often leverages digital communications, like social media, to reach our community quickly and resourcefully. As you may be aware, how Facebook determines what ends up on your timeline is constantly changing, so it's always ambiguous. Last summer, this social media platform started testing a new algorithm. As a result, if you want to see more of our posts, there’s a step beyond “Like” to remember. You must also choose to “Follow." If you never want to miss a District 49 story, the last step is to select “See First.”
By choosing "See First," you'll ensure emergency updates make it to your feed in a timely manner. This option enables you to quickly read about weather-related closure and delay status updates, as well as helps you avoid missing windows to participate in community surveys about district decisions, policies and programs.

We frequently share stories with you on Facebook, highlighting the teachers, students and parents leading opportunities in District 49’s schools and community. Our stories are posted as invitations for you to learn about opportunities though narratives and features. The hope is that we can help you collaborate publicly with our community, or more intimately with your friends or family. You’re always encouraged to express your ideas, or ask for more information, directly on our page at

If you have any questions or comments, please sign into to share them below. If you'd like to share something privately with the district communications team, click the live chat button at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for following District 49 on Facebook.

Facebook: Like, Follow, See First