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  • The admission fee to all sporting events in the league is:

    $1 for students

    $1 for Senior Citizens

    $2 for adults

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                The following information must be turned in to the Falcon Middle School office BEFORE students are allowed to try-out for any sport at Falcon Middle School:

    1. A current physical—signed and dated (within the last 365 days) by a physician
    2. District 49 Athletic Participation Form—completed, signed, and dated
    3. Some coaches may require additional requirements: grade checks, behavior reports, etc. (students and parents are responsible for checking with individual coaches prior to tryouts to get this information and complete it).



    Many programs offer and expect off season training and conditioning.  Participation in off-season workouts may be required in order to participate in the upcoming season.

    1. You must attend all of the allotted time for the tryout period
    2. Required forms must be completed and turned in BEFORE you may try out.
    3. Try-outs may be closed to parents at the discretion of the coaches
    4. The coach’s decision regarding players who make the team and game playing time is final
    5. Coaches will use their own individual criteria when selecting players for the team, such as: skill, knowledge of the game, grades, behavior, attitude, attendance, role for the team, etc.

    *Exceptions to the above tryout requirements may be granted by the coach and/or Athletic Director as deemed necessary.


    *Sports fees are required to be paid before the 1st contest, if your son or daughter does not make a team or choose to quit before 1st game, the fee will be refunded.


    *All required forms for athletic participation, the athletic handbook, the athletic fee structure, and directions to other schools may be found on the Falcon Middle School website under the Classes and Activities tab—then select Athletics on the drop down.  All forms and information are attached on the right side of the page under Athletic Resources.

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  • All students wanting to participate in any sport will need to have a current (within the last 365 days) physical on file in the office before try-outs begin.  Physicals may be obtained from your physician, from Falcon Peak Health Center located on the Falcon Elementary School campus, or The Little Clinic inside most King Soopers stores.

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Falcon Middle School Athletics

Athletics Overview

District 49's administrators believe that interscholastic activities are an integral part of the educational process, providing valuable educational experiences outside the classroom curriculum. Many valuable life-long lessons such as sportsmanship, teamwork, commitment, etc. are learned through participation in athletics and activities. It is the goal of District 49 to maximize the opportunities and effectiveness of the lessons learned through athletics.

The following components contribute to the enhancement of the philosophy:
  • Vertical Integration – youth and middle school programs that support the high school athletic programs
  • Development of fundamental sports skills
  • Competitive high school athletic programs that promote academic and athletic excellence
  • Programs that allow for maximum opportunities for student participation and that are developmentally appropriate, tailored to the physical, mental and emotional maturity levels of the participants
  • Principles of fair play and sportsmanship, both on the field and in the stands
  • Highly qualified coaches and staff with opportunities for professional growth and development
  • Competitive resources for programs at each level made available through operating funds, participation fees and fund raising

Sportsmanship is highly emphasized and positive behavior is expected by students, athletes, parents, guardians and fans at all District 49 sponsored events.

We strongly encourage family members and students to share in our athlete’s experience by attending games and demonstrating positive and constructive support. District 49 events will not tolerate any inappropriate behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct. Spectators must demonstrate positive behavior or that spectator may be asked to leave by an official, school personnel, administrator, or police officer. If the person resists leaving, the police will charge the person accordingly.
  • A spectator who is removed from an event will forfeit his/her privilege of attending future contests – either home or away. If removed from a game, the spectator may have an opportunity to meet with the athletic director to try to resolve the issue. If the spectator shows up at future contests without resolving the issue, he/she may be charged with trespassing.
  • If an athlete acts inappropriately (see guidelines presented in the Athlete’s Code of Conduct), the coach is expected to take disciplinary action. This may include suspension for the remainder of the game or longer. Consequences for such behavior should be outlined in team rules and expectations and discussed prior to competitive season.
  • If a coach acts inappropriately (see guidelines presented in the Coaches Code of Conduct), the coach will be dealt with by the Administrator. Consequences may range from verbal reprimand, to written reprimand, to suspension, to dismissal.
  • Coaches are expected to set strong examples and should model expected behavior at all times.
Chad Belveal
Athletics Director
Office: 719.495.5232, ext 5223

Athletics Resources