Battle of the Books


    Battle of the Books
    Hello 5th Grade Families!

             My name is Shelly Welch and on behalf of Mrs. Gibe, Ms. Watson, Ms. Beadles, and myself I would like to share with you our excitement in your child’s interest in participating in this years’ Battle of the Books team.

    Battle of the Books is a program that encourages 5th graders in our area to read quality literature and then compete with other 5th graders across our district and the Pike’s Peak Region in a team-style comprehension competition.

    There are 2 official battles that occur around April. The first is a D49 battle where schools in our district practice against each other in preparation for the Pike’s Peak Regional Battle that includes hundreds of teams from across the area. Each school is allowed to have two, four member teams, each with an alternate. This allows us an official team count of 10 Bulldogs total.

    This semester’s goal is to read as many of the books as possible in preparation for the team test that will take place in January. Those students with the highest scores on this test will be offered an official position on the team. Once the team has been established, I plan on meeting weekly with the team to work on quality answering and teamwork strategies. It will become a club and we will discuss story lines and enjoy each other’s reactions to these stories.

    There are 40 books (see attached) that are on this year’s list. Our library has copies of each title but titles are available at our Pikes Peak Regional libraries and even hold a special section in the Barnes and Nobel locations in town. If you have any questions about this program, please do not hesitate to email any of us

    Shelly Welch

    Katy Gibe

    Kathy Beadles

    Catherine Watson


    I _______________________________have a genuine interest in representing my school in this years’ Battle of the Books competition. I understand that this is a huge commitment and much of my time will be spent reading and understanding these books in order to represent my school and myself successfully. I will devote quality effort to this endeavor and will persevere with pride!


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    I support my child’s interest in working to earn a spot on this year’s team.



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