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Skyview Middle School Athletics

    Skyview Sports for school year 2020-21 are still to be announced due to the current COVID situation.  Please be patient as our Athletic Director waits for more information at the state level concerning school sports.
    Thank you!

    In order to participate in athletics, Skyview Middle School students must:
    • Be a 7th or 8th grade student (league rules)
      • 6th graders may participate in Basketball, Cross Country, Volleyball and Wrestling at select competitions.
    • Have passing grades (D or higher)
      • Grade reports are pulled every Friday morning. Any athlete with an F grade is excluded from the next week's competitions.
    • Have a current physical on file
      • District 49 athletic participation form located on the right-hand side of this page
    • Pay the athletic fee once on a team
    • Fill out and return athletic pledge once on a team
    • Have fulfilled the "5 Day Practice Rule" before an athlete can participate in competitions.
    • Read and then sign page 18 of the Parent-Athlete Handbook and return to the coach
    The members of District 49 believe that interscholastic and intramural activities shall be an integral part of the educational program. The purpose of these activities is to provide an educational experience not otherwise provided in the classroom curriculum.

    Athletics provide life-long lessons such as sportsmanship, teamwork, and hard work, winning and losing lead to the development of better citizens.

    The activities and contests shall be developmentally appropriate, being tailored to the physical, mental and emotional maturity levels of the participating youth. The following contribute to the development of this philosophy:
    • Development of fundamental sports skills
    • Elementary and middle school programs, both competitive and non-competitive, that support the high school athletic program
    • Competitive high school athletic programs
    • Programs that allow for maximum opportunities for student participation
    • Principles of fair play and sportsmanship, including treatment of opponents as competitors not adversaries
    • Development of opportunities for students' personal and social growth, enhancement of confidence, and commitment to excellence
    • Highly Qualified coaches who are full time staff members
    • Opportunities for professional growth for coaches
    • Adequate resources for programs at each level
  • Scott Bonynge
    Athletics Director
    Office: 719.495.5574