Athletics at Springs Studio

  • Springs Studio does not offer CHSAA athletic programs at our school however, you have the option to play sports at your neighborhood school while attending Springs Studio.  The rules regarding school transfers and athletic eligibility are governed by the Colorado High School Athletics and Activities Association (CHSAA) and can be found in Article 17 General Eligibility.  School transfers and eligibility (.pdf of CHSAA bylaws).  can be complicated and have implications beyond your own athlete's eligibility.  If you want to play sports while attending Springs Studio please follow this path:
    1. Contact Mr. Izzy our coordinator of special programs who can help with your situation
      • Email:
      • Phone: 719-494-8968
    2. Also, contact the Athletic Director at the school you would attend based on your home address to discuss the details of your situation.  They can help determine eligibility and ensure transfers adhere to CHSAA regulations.