Pikes Peak Early College Academic Departments

  • PPEC will deliver a blended learning environment which provides an opportunity to utilize a guaranteed and viable secondary curriculum to prepare students for career and college, regardless of socioeconomic status. College and career readiness preparation will be a focus in both synchronous and asynchronous instructional delivery models. Students will use the FuelEd curriculum for coursework, aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards. Teachers will assess student academic data from analytic tools and reporting available within the LMS and FuelEd curriculum. Within the blended environment, weekly scheduled small group in-class instruction time provides opportunities for teachers and students to introduce or reinforce content topics, facilitate discussions or labs, conduct student presentations, and provide one-on-one tutoring. Teachers will focus on assessment data to develop instructional support and content delivery for areas where competency has not yet been demonstrated. Demonstration of mastery is identified at 80 percent of content knowledge.