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Empowering Moments from Superintendent Smith


    Our Falcon Zone Team is truly an awesome TEAM! We have 6 schools working closely together to ensure we best meet the needs of each and every learner. Our 6 Principals have been working very closely together to ensure we have smooth transitions in place as students move from one school to the next. We have also placed emphasis this year on developing a better alignment K-12 of our curriculum content so that students build upon academic content and skills as they move from grade to grade. We still have work to do and our team is committed to putting in the time and effort to ensure we have this right.

    At our recent District 49 Peakview event, our 6 Principals formed a team to represent the Falcon Zone in some friendly competition between all of our zones throughout the district. The Falcon Zone team did what they do best and worked together! They communicated, supported, and encouraged each other as they conquered the pipeline task. It is this same strong collaboration that our team uses each and every week to ensure that our Falcon Zone schools truly provide Engaging Environments, Enhanced Opportunities and Elevated Instruction to ensure all learners are Empowered in the Falcon Zone.

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