The Path of a RAM


    ssae ram


    Are You Navigating Your Path Like a Ram?

    Powerful: They have an inner strength that will get them past any obstacle

    Determined: They are a force to be reckoned because they use their strengths to navigate their path better than all others

    Drive: They are unmatched as mountain climbers and navigate paths better than any other animal.


    Determined: They are proud and continually focused on their goal navigating their pathway

    Visionary: Excellent vision and can see far down the path to prepare for whatever will come.

    Fearlessness: When the journey becomes tough they seek out new and uncomfortable ways to forge ahead.


    Focused: Challenging paths require focus and correction. One false step can be a disaster.

    Energy: they manage their energy to navigate their journey when it becomes difficult. 

    Protective: they take care of their own and will protect their herd at all costs.