• Remington Elementary School serves students from a multitude of ethnicities and across the economic spectrum. Our staff advocates for Article 36, Public School of Choice -22-36-101, et seq, C.R.S. We believe parental choice in the education of their children is essential to providing the best learning opportunities and environment for students. To best meet the needs of our students and to fully implement or educational program, we have the flexibility to hire and retain individuals that can best meet the needs of our diverse population. This may mean hiring individuals who have appropriate background and experience in a given area on a part-time or temporary basis.

    To create and maintain an outstanding school, we assemble a faculty and staff who work together to improve achievement for every student and maintain a commitment to the school and students.

    Our staff is dedicated to providing high quality instruction on a daily basis. As such, we require the freedom to make decisions regarding the use of district assigned days for professional development and other purposes (e.g. late start days, early release days, professional development days, staff development days, teacher workdays, etc.). We allow opportunities for staff to attend centralized trainings in specialized areas like special education and gifted and talented.
    As stated in 22-11-210, et seq, C.R.S. and 22-11-403, et seq, C.R.S., Public Schools Annual Review Plans Support and Interventions Rules. An annual improvement plan must be developed by each school and will cover areas for growth identified and required by the state including areas identified as: improvement, priority improvement, and turnaround. Remington Elementary School meets or exceeds the reporting requirements for school improvement planning each year. At the same time, we reserve the right to determine what needs to be included in our yearly plan based on state requirements, without being required to add additional information or unnecessary information to the plan that may be requested by the district.
    The academic, physical, social, and emotional well being of our students is of primary importance at Remington Elementary School. To meet the health and wellness requirements of, 22-22-104, et seq, C.R.S., Colorado Comprehensive Health Education-role of department of education-recommended curriculum guidelines-allocation of funds-rules as well as BOE policy ADF District 49 Wellness Policy, with the allocated personnel and space, often requires creative scheduling and many times may be impossible. We cannot be held accountable to policy or law that is impossible to enforce. We received a waiver from both Colorado state law 22-22-104, et seq, C.R.S., and BOE policy ADF to more effectively provide a quality educational program to our students without unnecessary burden. We continue to be responsible for upholding federal law.

    Remington Elementary School adopted a master schedule that gives each teacher a minimum of 40 minutes of planning time per day.

    Occasionally, planning time needs to be adjusted due to the needs of the school; assemblies, late starts, early releases, or special programs. This adjustment may mean the reduction of planning time on days that are affected. Planning time may include time for individual planning, grade level collaborative planning, or team meetings that include building administrators and instructional coaches that center on instruction, assessment and student learning. Our master schedule is designed to adjust teacher planning time one day a week to incorporate sufficient time for enrichment activities and collaborative grade level planning. We require the flexibility to allow us to make modifications to teacher planning time as necessary so that we can continue to offer these program components to our students.

Annual Report Documents