About Horizon Middle School

  • Horizon Middle School, located in Sand Creek Zone at 1750 Piros Drive in Colorado Springs, is a student-centered, community service-oriented school with a committed staff that keeps high expectations for all students. It's an authorized International Baccalaureate school. Staff members use positive behavior support to promote positive, proactive student and staff relationships. They also implement timely response-to-interventions to help students be as successful as possible.


    Horizon Middle School is in its fifth year as an International Baccalaureate school. The goal of IB is to promote academic rigor and to teach students to look at the global perspective and to evaluate and communicate effectively. The program is centered on eight core subject groups that are related to the five areas of Interaction. Educators are committed to the rigor and quality offered through the IB program that will result in a well-rounded education for every student.

    All students are required to participate in 50 hours of technology, performing arts, physical education and Spanish or French. Students may receive additional literacy and math support through intervention classes and after-school programs designed to support academic needs. The school also offers study hall time during the day and after-school study hall for students needing additional time and assistance.


    Students may participate in after-school clubs, including Why Try, eco club, chess club, international club, robotics, talent show, Student to Student, honor choir, lifting and conditioning, Horizon Community Club, Latin dance club, Battle of the Books and writing club.

    The school is highly committed to community involvement and support. The community service club sponsors a number of events to teach students the importance of contributing to the community. Students are encouraged to support charities and groups through a variety of creative events of their design, such as One Nation, Stockings for Soldiers, Care and Share, Water for People and Heifer International. To show their profound gratitude and support of military families, faculty invite guest speakers and military family members to participate in Veterans Day assemblies.

Sand Creek Zone Overview

  • Based on Sand Creek Zones outlined goals, all schools will continuously strive for increased student achievement as measured by international, national, state and local standards; all students will attend schools comprised of high performing, collaborative teams of educators; and through a consistent process of innovation, the zone will engage its community. Three of the schools, Evans International Elementary School, Horizon Middle School and Sand Creek High School, encompass the only K-12 International Baccalaureate feeder system in eastern Colorado Springs. As an internationally accredited, rigorous and engaging educational program, the International Baccalaureate is a large part of the zone's identity. All of its schools, including Springs Ranch Elementary School and Remington Elementary School, offer a first class education for students with diverse interests and needs, and each extends sound, research-based educational services to each student. As a result, educators value and expect beneficial engagement among all students. They offer gifted and talented services, performing and visual arts, full-day kindergarten at no cost to families, and a wealth of extra-curricular activities for students at all levels.
    • International Baccalaureate
    • Critical Thinking, Creative Problem Solving
    • Academic Intervention
    • Media, Arts, Communications
    • Community Service Learning

    SCHS Class of 2016 Graduate Profile

    In Sand Creek Zone, educators focus on developing tomorrow’s leaders as...

    • Principled and caring
    • Culturally engaged
    • Contributors serving the community
    • Collaborative leaders
    • Effective communicators
    • Efficient users of technology Self-directed scholars
    Critical Thinkers
    • Problem-solvers
    • Reflective
    • Flexible and creative

Portfolio of Schools

  • Portfolio of Schools District 49 will create a robust portfolio of distinct and exceptional schools. It’s not enough just to have a bunch of different kinds of schools; the district needs to have high quality, exceptional schools. District 49 strives to offer wonderful schools in all of its zones, schools that are different from each other and superior to the options students might have in neighboring districts and communities.
    District 49’s board-approved strategic plan provides unified vision, goals and strategies to prepare students to achieve like never before. Its strategic plan is organized around a a big rocks metaphor. If the district identifies and focuses on what's most important – its big rocks of trust, community, best district, portfolio of schools and every student – and then adds other things around them, the medium-sized rocks, and finally works in the pebbles, everything better fits together. District 49 has applied this metaphor in its strategic plan, which identifies the district's Big Rocks. These strategic initiatives will be emphasized over the upcoming years, representing the district’s commitment to its community. These five rocks are its foundation for building an excellent future with its staff, students and greater community.

HMS Maps & Directions

HMS School Hours

  • School hours are 8:05 a.m. - 3:15 p.m.