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About Ridgeview Elementary School

  • Ridgeview Elementary School, located in POWER Zone at 6573 Shimmering Creek Drive in Colorado Springs, opened in the fall of 2002. With innovative curricula design, students have discovered increased opportunities in the arts, technology and hands-on science. These are areas of focus that staff members identified as important in fostering creativity and student engagement. They offer students assemblies and schoolwide theme days. Staff members ensure student learning is done in a safe and welcoming environment. Through professional development, collaborative communications and strong relationships, teachers use data and research-based practices to ensure each child’s academic and emotional success. Take a video tour of Ridgeview Elementary School.


    With a focus on a strong elementary core curriculum that includes a firm foundation in reading, writing, math, science, social studies, art, music and physical education, staff members strive to meet the needs of the well-rounded student. Teachers empower students to be effective problem solvers and critical thinkers across all content areas. They differentiate instruction through small group reading, writing and math, providing individualized education. The school prioritizes the need to engage students, staff, parents and all community members at high levels and promote innovative thinking among the entire school community.

    Ridgeview Elementary School serves a diverse community of students that include preschool through fifth grade. It's home to two preschool classrooms, and a growing number of English Language Learners from a variety of language backgrounds. Educators support students with various learning challenges and strengths. In addition to supporting at-risk students, staff members provide support for advanced learners, ensuring all students are pushed to their fullest potentials.


    The school offers a variety of extracurricular activities, including before and after school Champions program, Husky football through the Falcon Youth Football Club, basketball through Ascend Youth Sports, jump rope, cheerleading, Scouts, cooking, karate, drawing, student council, Junior Achievement, choir, Battle of the Books, Reading Counts, Eduss Math, Lexia Reading Club and others.


    A supportive parent population and Parent-Teacher Association is one of the school's greatest assets. They work tirelessly to sponsor various school activities including fun, family events and fundraisers, which provide supplemental resources for students and teachers. These fundraisers have provided funds to support the school goal to increase, update and improve the technology throughout the school.

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