Meridian Ranch Elementary School Innovation Plan

  • Implementing creative, efficient, student-focused, research-based methods of meeting the needs of students has been an integral part of the Meridian Ranch Elementary Schools’ professional culture. Designating it as an innovation school will enable this groundbreaking work to flourish and to serve as a model for others.

    At Meridian Ranch Elementary School, all students are provided with academic and social instruction that encourages and supports their love of learning while mastering the content of grade level standards.

    Our collective commitment is to provide an enriched, differentiated, high quality education that meets the varying needs of children. We encourage and embrace parent and community engagement in a school environment where all faculty members are dedicated to fulfilling the mission of our school.

    To achieve academic excellence, we strive to fulfill the components of SB 212, more commonly known as Colorado’s Achievement Plan for Kids. The Colorado Common Core Standards, with embedded 21st century skills, serve as the foundation of our instructional program. All teachers are expected to provide differentiated instruction in all core content areas. Our school incorporates inquiry based instruction, technology integration and student appreciation of the arts and physical education. With a focus on 21st century skills, our curriculum will address local, national, and global application of all learnings to create students prepared for a competitive global world. As such, teachers at Meridian Ranch Elementary School agree to provide learning experiences for students centered on the concept connections created by the Colorado Department of Education in cohesive units.

    All classrooms rely on data-driven, standards-based instruction that incorporates the use of differentiated intervention and extension activities as appropriate. To determine student independent achievement levels, we use state assessments, quarterly assessments, individual progress monitoring. The response to intervention process is used for more intense differentiation.

    On-going professional development is fundamental to the successful implementation of our education plan. Building professional development is focused on in our Unified Improvement Plan goals. We strive to create a cohesive school culture through collaborative planning and team professional learning community meetings. All team members are assigned a team role in which they are responsible for relaying information to other team members.

    At Meridian Ranch, we are committed to building a learning community that is centered upon respect for children, parents and colleagues. All faculty members share our school essential agreements and collaboratively address school improvement goals, and dedication to the mission and vision. We agree to be highly professional, positive, flexible team players who will support our student-centered learning environment.

    Periodically, District 49 makes changes to the scope and sequence, textbook or assessment system required in district schools. These periodic changes may or may not meet the needs of students at Meridian Ranch Elementary School based on identified priority needs or current goals identified in our Unified Improvement Plan. We reserve the right to adopt these changes in scope and sequence, textbook and assessments as they pertain to meeting the needs of our students. With consideration of community input and School Advisory Council recommendations, we determine the best instructional program and curriculum for our students based on current levels of student achievement and needs and then implement within current budget parameters.

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