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  • Falcon Zone has a strong tradition that dates back to 1900. That tradition carries on today with six highly successful schools: Falcon High, Falcon Middle, Falcon Elementary School of Technology, Woodmen Hills Elementary, Meridian Ranch Elementary, and Bennett Ranch Elementary. You can learn more about our history, traditions, and our vision for modern personalized learning here below.






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Brian Smith

Greetings, Falcon Zone!

My name is Brian Smith, and I am your Falcon Zone Superintendent.  I am excited to embark on this new journey and lead an incredible zone of teachers, staff, and community as we empower our learners towards excellence. This is my 21st year in District 49.  I began my career as a Science Teacher at Falcon High School, where I taught Chemistry and Advanced Placement Chemistry. I also sponsored the Link Crew and announced for the Falcons at the football games.  My next step took me to Skyview Middle School, where I served as an Assistant Principal.   After two years there, I returned home to the Falcon Zone when I accepted the Principal position at Falcon Middle School. In the past 5 years, my role evolved into an Executive Principal role as I supervised the construction and planning for Bennett Ranch Elementary when it joined the Firebird Nation Campus. Now, as of November 1st, I have accepted the opportunity to serve as our Falcon Zone Leader. 

To give you some additional background, I grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. I enjoyed my time there with family and friends, but the heat began to be too much. I will never forget the record 128 degree day when my friends and I fried an egg on the street! I moved to Durango, CO where I attended Fort Lewis College. I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a teaching certification. I enjoy the outdoors and use whatever time I can find to hike, fish, and ski. I consider myself an avid fisherman and particularly enjoy deep sea fishing! My recent trip to Cabo San Lucas provided me with my first experience of reeling in a 240-lb Marlin (you will have to come to my office to see the picture!). I attended the University of Denver, where I obtained my Masters in Educational Administration Degree with my Principal License certification. 

Falcon Zone is an exceptional place for students, staff, and community. We care about the relationships we build with each and every member so that student learning is at the forefront. Our staff works incredibly hard to ensure that learning is personalized for our students so that they can demonstrate their achievement through what they know and can do. Each school is dedicated to excellence and success so that our Hawks, Tornadoes, Bulldogs, Bulls, Firebirds, and Falcons are ready for that next step in their life journey. I am committed to serving each of our schools, supporting our teachers and staff, prioritizing student achievement, and ensuring that each and every student becomes an Empowered Learner. Falcon Zone provides Engaging Environments, Enhanced Opportunities, and Elevated Instruction each and every day to empower our learners and propel them towards their future. That is what EmpowerFZ is all about and it is making a difference for our students.

Thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve this amazing community! I look forward to seeing you around our zone schools at various events in the coming weeks. Please don’t hesitate to come up and introduce yourself to me; I look forward to meeting and getting to know our community better! Together we can Engage, Enhance, and Elevate to Empower Falcon Zone Learners for tomorrow's opportunities.



Brian Smith

Falcon Zone Superintendent

Empowering Moments from Superintendent Smith

  • So many incredible things happen in the Falcon Zone each and every week. When our community comes together, with our schools at the center, amazing things happen. Seeing our schools support each other to celebrate our kids only further grows this community and more amazing things happen. This is why we have two empowering moments over this past week.

    Woodmen Hills Elementary sponsored a Food Truck Night where community had multiple options to choose from for dinner. A multitude of families showed up, some with their own lawn chairs and tables, and enjoyed the time to connect with everyone. I watched as members of our community met new and returning families and I enjoyed the conversations along with many WHES staff members. The parking lot was transformed into a block party of sorts with everyone enjoying the nice weather, company, and great food options. We value our Falcon Community and it was so awesome to see our Tornado Nation family having a great time together!

    We also had our 2nd grade team from Bennett Ranch Elementary show off their Dragon creations at the end of their unit. Students participated in a parade around BRES to show off these awesome creations and our Falcon Middle School Firebirds welcomed them with open arms. These 2nd grade students marched their parade through the FMS Annex and all of our 6th grade Firebirds cheered for the 2nd grade Bulls. It was awesome to see the excitement and large smiles that each of our Bulls had on their faces as they marched their parade around. Seeing our middle school students celebrate our younger generation was incredible. The 2nd graders were also excited as their fellow Bulls cheered them on around the school as well. Seeing our staff members and kids celebrate and recognize each other definitely promotes a positive atmosphere throughout our schools and community. I appreciate how our schools work together and the support that they show each other!

    Let's keep this going as we continue to grow our Falcon Community stronger together!

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