About Falcon Elementary School of Technology

  • Built in 1981, Falcon Elementary School of Technology is located in Falcon Zone at 12050 Falcon Highway in Peyton. It has a welcoming environment, large classrooms and 21st-century technologies throughout the school. In 2005, the Board of Education approved it as a technology focused school. In 2007, a Head Start preschool program was added.


    Falcon Elementary School of Technology has a caring, knowledgeable staff that works hard to determine the needs of every child and to differentiate instruction based on those needs. Every grade level has a literacy block to focus on reading and writing skills, and all staff uses the enVisionMath program to help each child build their mathematical skills. Science and social studies are also included in daily instruction. Students participate in daily specials (i.e. physical education, art, and music). A Project Based Learning (PBL) teacher works with all classes on projects relevant to student learning with a focus on implementing technology into all subject areas. A literacy interventionist co-teaches with teachers and works with small groups of students to fill in any gaps in learning. The school offers tutoring to help students who need academic support and implements the positive behavior support program. The focus is proactive rather than reactive, recognizing excellence in students’ behavior by catching students following three R’s: respect, responsibility, and right choices.


    The Falcon Elementary School of Technology includes a 1 to 1 distribution of iPads for students in all grade levels. Each classroom includes a projector, Smartboard, and television with the capabilities to project student iPad screens. Falcon Elementary School of Technology also includes a PBL Technology teacher to ensure technology is utilized on a daily basis in the classroom. 


    Students may participate in any or all of the extracurricular activities, before or after school. The school offers extra-curricular walking club, indoor tennis, disc golf and dance club. 

    School Health


    As a member of the Fuel Up to Play 60 program, the school has a strong walking club that is offered four days a week with up to 50 participants. Family breakfasts are also offered monthly to support making healthy choices and family participation.


    The school benefits from an active Parent-Teacher Association that has been the key to the successful purchase and implementation of technology. A rock-climbing wall was recently installed in the gym with the help of families and the PTA. Additionally, the PTA has sponsored carnivals and other family nights to help bring the community together. The school has a close relationship with local businesses (such as Wal-Mart, Culvers, Skate City, etc.), which support the school through donations. A WatchDOGS (Dads of Great Students) program has also been implemented. We have more than 40 dads volunteering at the school to visit classrooms, help teachers, walk the halls and spend the day with their students.

Falcon Zone Overview

  • Falcon Zone has a strong tradition that dates back to 1900. That tradition carries on today with five highly successful schools. Falcon Zone offers the following programs: Academy of Health Sciences, Academy of Finance, Academy of Information and Technology, Air Force JROTC, FBLA, Distributive Education Clubs of America, Link Crew, National Honor Society, Student-to-Student program and many others. The zone offers more than 20 advanced placement and CU Succeed classes. Its schools have performed well on CSAP and ACT. Falcon Zone prides itself on offering students a sound, fundamental and comprehensive education.
    • Information Technology Academy
    • Health Sciences Academy
    • Finance Academy
    • Air Force Junior ROTC
    • Vocational Classes

    Trust, Compassion, Integrity

    Falcon Zone achieves excellence through a collective responsibility for student learning. All members of the Falcon Zone community must feel respected, accepted and valued as we work together for students. By placing the focus on learning in every classroom, we make academic success a priority for all students. Through effective professional learning communities and collaboration with all stakeholders, in Falcon Zone:
    • We learn by using data analysis to drive instruction, resulting in academic growth for all students.
    • We work by providing excellent research based instruction.
    • We lead by empowering and growing people through targeted and focused professional development.

    Balanced Enrollment in Falcon Zone Elementary Schools

    Falcon Zone Balanced Enrollment
    Falcon Zone schools — Falcon Elementary School of Technology, Meridian Ranch Elementary School, Woodmen Hills Elementary School, Falcon Middle School and Falcon High School — are bustling with newly built homes and new families moving in on a daily basis. Class sizes in some grade levels at Falcon Elementary School of Techology and Meridian Ranch Elementary School are nearing and reaching student numbers that begin to be detrimental to an ideal learning environment. Conversely, there is available seat space at Woodmen Hills Elementary School for the time being. Having classrooms with high student-to-teacher ratios at one school, while another sits with available spaces is not the most ideal situation for effective student learning.
    Depending on grade level, new Falcon Zone students will attend Woodmen Hills Elementary School, even though it is not within their natural attendance area, or “home neighborhood” school. The growth in our community presents both opportunities and challenges for all of us. The Falcon Zone leadership team is committed to giving all students an equal opportunity for learning and success.
    How is enrollment balanced?
    The Falcon Zone administrative assistant, Trish Burley, monitors enrollment during the summer, as well as quarterly throughout the school year. As students join the district, elementary school principals collaborate to place them in schools and classrooms based on class sizes. Mrs. Burley notifies parents as soon as possible, after they complete the central enrollment process, regarding each child’s school placement. 
    • A student may be returned to the school in the natural attendance area, if an opening occurs during the first two weeks of the school year (August 4-14, 2015), based on the child’s official date/order of enrollment. We value children having the opportunity to attend their “home neighborhood” school whenever possible. 
    • During the process, Ms. Burley will ask parents if they want to be contacted later (after the initial two-week start) during the school year for a possible relocation to the home neighborhood school, as spaces become available.  If parents indicate they do not want to be called during the school year, then they give up their current place in line on the waiting list to return for the current school year, and the balanced enrollment process will begin again for them the following year. 
    • If parents want to be notified of an opening during the school year, then Ms. Burley will call on a quarterly basis. Children will have the option to return, where openings exist, at the end of each quarter.
    Our Promise
    We care for students in the same special way, regardless of whether or not they are attending their natural attendance area school. Every teacher, every administrator, and every support staff member will treat all children with love and respect.

Portfolio of Schools

  • Portfolio of Schools District 49 will create a robust portfolio of distinct and exceptional schools. It’s not enough just to have a bunch of different kinds of schools; the district needs to have high quality, exceptional schools. District 49 strives to offer wonderful schools in all of its zones, schools that are different from each other and superior to the options students might have in neighboring districts and communities.
    District 49’s board-approved strategic plan provides unified vision, goals and strategies to prepare students to achieve like never before. Its strategic plan is organized around a a big rocks metaphor. If the district identifies and focuses on what's most important – its big rocks of trust, community, best district, portfolio of schools and every student – and then adds other things around them, the medium-sized rocks, and finally works in the pebbles, everything better fits together. District 49 has applied this metaphor in its strategic plan, which identifies the district's Big Rocks. These strategic initiatives will be emphasized over the upcoming years, representing the district’s commitment to its community. These five rocks are its foundation for building an excellent future with its staff, students and greater community.

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