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    Earlier this year, 47 people from the Falcon Zone were nominated for National Awards through the annual National Modern Learning Conference. The selection committee reviewed applications from all nominees from across the country to select finalists. We were incredibly honored that 13 of our nominees were selected as national level finalists. District 49's finalists included:

    • Personalized Learning Classrooms of the Year (K-2, 3-5, MS, and HS)
      • Angelina Irwin - 1st Grade Teacher at Woodmen Hills Elementary
      • Shelby Esquivel - 3rd Grade Teacher at Bennett Ranch Elementary
      • Katy Gibe - 5th Grade Teacher at Meridian Ranch Elementary
      • Nikki Brundage - Technology Teacher at Falcon Middle
      • Rosella Anderson - CLDE Teacher at Falcon High
      • Catherine Wasson - English Teacher at Falcon High
    • Instructional Coach of the Year
      • Natalie Miller - Instructional Coach at Meridian Ranch
      • Jennifer Newberg - Instructional Coach at Falcon High
    • Principal of the Year
      • Martina Meadows - Principal at Bennett Ranch Elementary
    • District Leader of the Year
      • Brian Smith - Zone Superintendent of the Falcon Zone
    • Innovation Award
      • Tim Scheck - Academic Administrator for the Falcon Zone
    • Infinity Award
      • Cari Muresan - Community Liaison for the Falcon Zone
    • Digital Ecosystem of the Year
      • Falcon Zone's Empower Tools

    Each of these finalists had to submit a video describing all that they do for students, teachers, schools, learning environments, etc. The videos could be no longer than 2 minutes in length, which is incredibly difficult to do. From there, the National Council on Modern Learning and the National Teacher Council on Modern Learning, which are both composed of educators from across the country, reviews all of the video submissions to vote on winners in each category. Award recipients are then named at the annual MLC Awards Gala.

    Falcon Zone received six of the ten overall awards and you can see these recipients in the pictures above. Congratulations goes to ALL of our nominees and finalists. It is an incredible honor to be recognized at this national level and it was awesome to watch all of our finalists receive that much deserved recognition on the national stage. Each of our educators is committed to doing the very best for their students and ensuring that we personalize the learning experience in our classrooms. Our Falcon Zone educators excel at providing engaging environments, enhanced opportunities, and elevated instruction to empower each and every learner in the Falcon Zone.

    Please join me in congratulating all of our award finalists and award recipients for their outstanding work! We are so very proud of all of you! Way to go Falcon Zone team!

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