VRHS Updates

  • Registration/Check-in 9th Grade

    Thursday, July 251:30 – 3:30pm

    Registration/Check-in  12th Grade

    Thursday, July 253:30 – 5:30pm

    Registration/Check-in 10th Grade

    Friday, July 261:30 – 3:30pm

    Registration/Check-in 11th Grade

    Friday, July 263:30 – 5:30pm
    Back to School Information will be added to our "Back to School" page as information is provided over the summer.

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  • Student Fees

    Student fees have now been attached to PaySchool accounts.  Please log in to PaySchool to review and pay your student's fees.  You may also pay fees at the school to Mrs. Wheeler using cash, check, or credit card.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Wheeler at cwheeler@d49.org.


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    2018 - 19 Bell Schedule


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  • 2017-2018 VRHS Wellness Success Story

    As a result of grants from The Colorado Health Foundation and Medicaid, the resistance training department in cooperation with the athletic training department has been able to purchase functional training tools and equipment. 

    This functional training / athletic training capability between the two departments has allowed us to do preventative (prehab) protocols to help limit and even decrease the chances of severe injuries in our athletic teams as well as our general student population.  In addition, these items allow us to deal with injuries and provide top quality rehab to get those student / athletes back to normal activity. 

    Without the opportunity to purchase such items, our efforts to limit / prevent such injury would be inherently difficult.  We as a cooperating unit have seen a welcome decrease in our Lower Extremity injuries such as Knee ligament strain, ACL and ankle issues specifically.


    Marla Clayton, MS, ATC

    Scott Schultz, MS, RSCC*d, PES


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The View at Vista

POWER Zone Updates

  • New elementary school coming to the POWER Zone in 2019  

    This new neighborhood elementary will add to District 49’s portfolio of schools through integration of the visual and performing arts with traditional academic standards to develop the passion and talents of all students. Scheduled to open in August of 2019, the school will serve the Banning Lewis Ranch area and surrounding neighborhoods. This school is the second of two new D49 elementary schools outlined in the Building Our Future Community plan, made possible by the voter approved 3B MLO of 2016.
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  • August 2015 Update

    Values: Climb with Care and Confidence * Create a Loyalty Effect * The Most Important Person in the World * Family First * Serving our Community

    Mission: Purposeful Risk * Ownership of Learning * Whole Child/Student Concept * Engaging Inquiry * Respectful Relationships


    Current and Ongoing Activity


    Primary Literacy

    Last May, at the completion of a Language Arts curriculum review and adoption process lead by Sherry Kyle, POWER Zone elementary schools began to plan professional development around new programming entitled Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA).  Two days of training occurred over July 30th and 31st.  K-5 teachers dove into the material and began a learning process to better understand how to best deliver these materials to a wide variety of learners.  The program was chosen primarily due to its strong explicit core phonics instruction, along with the relevancy and engagement of their reading passages.  This particular resource will align well with current benchmarking indicators and will provide the zone with the opportunity for whole zone collaboration around reading and writing instruction.

    D49 Pathways

    VRHS now has a dedicated lead Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP) advisor whose primary responsibility is to ensure a core group of selected teachers are continually trained in the development of ICAPs for every student.  Advisory will now have an ICAP focus at strategic points throughout the year.  No longer will ICAPs be a formulaic checklist with little to no differentiation per student.  The expectation at VRHS is that ICAPs will be targeted and supported a monthly basis for each and every student.      

    Assessment Work

    POWER Zone will now use Beacon Assessments in place of Scantron for ELA and Math in grades 2-8.  These assessments are aligned to on grade level material that has the most impact on student learning.  Beacon also creates a virtual concept math for each individual student that can then be tracked once the student takes the beginning of year assessment.  This will allow for further differentiation across classrooms and grade levels.  These assessments will also be used within the zone’s student growth portion of their evaluation model.

    POWER Zone Performance Surveys

    POWER Zone is asking students, parents, and staff to take 2 surveys at the beginning of this year in order to measure the effectiveness of their three main zone initiatives of ensuring a safe, collaborative, and learning focused environment for our staff and students, ensuring they offer curriculum and learning opportunities that are engaging, rigorous, and individualized, and finally ensuring they have the most effective educators possible in each and every classroom.  The Level 1 High Reliability Schools Certification process offered through Marzano Research will serve as a framework to measure how successful each stakeholder group believes POWER Zone is in implementing strategies to meet these initiatives.


    Upcoming/Other Activity

    Two main focuses of the POWER Zone this year are to track feedback from their High Reliability School and Performance Dashboard surveys.  Both surveys will serve as major components of their overall community feedback process.

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  • Report of the POWER Zone Leader, April 2015: 

    Values: Climb with Care and Confidence * Create a Loyalty Effect * The Most Important Person in the World * Family First * Serving our Community
    Mission: Purposeful Risk * Ownership of Learning * Whole Child/Student Concept * Engaging Inquiry * Respectful Relationships

    Current and Ongoing Activity
    Primary Literacy
    Middle of the year benchmarking data is currently being reviewed by all POWER Zone elementary schools with a particular focus on DIBELS growth across and within proficiency bands. Meaning, the zone is looking closely at not just how many students are moving across proficiency levels (At Risk, Some Risk, Low Risk) but also within proficiency levels. This lets educators know how students are performing even if they remained within the same band at the mid year mark. A student may have been At Risk in the beginning of the year and remain in the At Risk category mid year. However, if the student is decreasing his/her proficiency gap between benchmarking sections this student may still be making adequate growth and catch up progress.

    Curriculum Pathway Work
    Sherry Kyle has completed standards prioritization work at across all content areas at VRHS and SMS and in the areas of Reading, Writing, and Communicating at OES, RVES, and SES. Every educator has read the standards for understanding and collaborated with both building and zone personnel over what is essential for our students to understand and be able to do within each standard. Next steps are to pair some resources acquired through Flippen’s C3 (Common Core Curriculum) training with the standards work that has already been completed. These resources will help teachers define appropriate levels of rigor for each standard and require some deeper forethought in preplanning questioning, pre assessments, and post assessments of student learning.

    Growth Based Evaluation Tool

    After receiving some confirming information from Flippen’s C3 training the zone has decided to begin to target their evaluation “look fors” to the ten Marzano instructional strategies that are proven to have the greatest positive effects on student achievement. These strategies all align to specific elements with the Marzano evaluation tool, which allows for a natural and fluid progression into these focuses rather than it seeming like just one more new initiative.

    Upcoming/Other Activity
    POWER Zone Accountability Plan
    The second week of January the accountability dashboard plan the zone has been working on this year will be messaged out to staff and parents for collaborative feedback. The zone aims to develop a plan that is community created and supported that will include external measures such as our state standardized assessment data, local measures to include grade level/department common assessments and qualitative survey data such as our District Climate Survey, and teacher discretion which includes classroom based assessments and teacher observation.

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District Alerts

  • District alerts will show here, such as emergency closures, cancelations or evacuations. When posted, these alerts also broadcast on the top of this website.