English Language Development Services

  • Students work with a highly qualified ELD teacher. Schools accelerate the acquisition of academic language by providing a comprehensive support system, where they receive specialized, comprehensive English language instruction. The acquisition of English requires a collaborative effort between teachers and specialists, as well as professional development for all staff on how to deliver rigorous, grade-level content and provide language-rich, instruction for all students.
  • High school English language learners are provided with an enrichment ELD class. Many teachers offer the option of an additional resource for those students who are on monitor status or require more support. The emphasis is to develop skills in understanding, speaking, reading, writing and thinking in English, as well as academic vocabulary and the use of technology.
  • Martina Meadows
    English Language Development Coordinator
    Office: 719.494.8964
    Inés Stabler
    English Language Development Coach
    Office: 719.495.1149 x 3225
    Karla Palacios
    Testing Clerk and Community Liaison
    Office: 719.495.1149 xt 4298