Special Education Updates

  • Special Education Advisory Council Survey

    Posted by Linda Koch at 6/1/2016


    The SEAC committee has put together a survey for parents of Special Education students. Please click on the link below to take the survey. It will be available until June 24th at midnight. It will take only a few minutes of your time. The committee would like to know how best to serve its Special Education community.



    Thank you.

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  • Guide to Home Modifications for Disabled Persons

    Posted by Linda Koch at 4/28/2016

    Living with a disability can alter a persons' lifestyle. Often modifications to one's home are necessary in order to maintain independence. created a guide to help people make smarter financial decisions when it comes to home modifications. 


    Please view the link for information regarding home modifications.


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Special Education Overview

Our special education teams and services work to keep you informed of and supported in the educational trends related to standards-based instruction, accommodations, and classroom assessment for students with a disability.

Highly effective school environments prioritize the academic achievement and social skills of all students.

We identify research-based strategies and practices that support positive behavioral outcomes for all students. Implementation of effective strategies and best practices within a variety of host settings, improves school climate and student outcomes.

Accommodations play an important role in educational settings, particularly for students whose disabilities interfere with performing learning task (such as reading a book, taking notes in class, or writing an essay) or testing tasks (such as getting through the items within the time limit or filling in the circles on a multiple-choice test). A critical part of teaching and assessing students with disabilities, then, is providing them with accommodations that support learning and that support their ability to show what they know and can do.”

It is our goal to provide educators and administrators current information and resources in the areas of instructional accommodations and assessment for students with a disability. Please contact your district or school special education teams to take advantage of state guidance documents, professional development training opportunities and other resources designed to support all students with a documented need, including students with a disability.
Nancy Lemmond
Individualized Education Executive Director
Office: 719.494.8913
Kari Frederick
Individualized Education Administrative Assistant
Office: 719.494.8933
Kathlynn Jackson
Spec. Ed. Director
Office: 719.495.1116
Linda Koch
Spec. Ed. Administrative Assistant
Office: 719.494.8932
Lisa Amthor
Spec. Ed. Data Technician
Office: 719.495.1149, ext. 1050
Cyndi Little
Assistive Technology SWAAAC Coordinator
Office: 719.210.2443
Jennifer Gabrielson
Spec. Ed. Chair, Nurse
Office: 719.210.3078
Kim Boyd
Spec. Ed. Chair, Mental Health; Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Office: 719.494.8944
Jill Miller
Spec. Ed. Chair, Motor
Office: 719.641.1690
Raenise Sampson
Spec. Ed. Chair, Speech
Office: 719.244.6323