SCHS Renaissance

  • Why Renaissance?
    • To create a school in which everyone has and feels a sense of belonging (staff and students)
    • To recognize and reward all students (not just the top few and not just for athletics)
    • To create a strong image and identity for Sand Creek High School
    • To have immediate and relevant celebrations to reinforce positive behavior
    • THE R’s - RESPECT, RECOGNIZE, REWARD, REINFORCE..when you focus on these you will get RESULTS  
    Below is a table of the levels for students to qualify.  Students can qualify or un-qualify each semester.  9th graders who did not attend Horizon last year or new students who did not attend SCHS last school year can qualify starting in January.
     Renaissance Levels
     Contact Lauren Stuart at with questions on qualifying or the program in general.  We hope to get 100% participation!