Falcon Education Foundation Overview

  • The Falcon Education Foundation is a nonprofit organization that raises funds beyond the usual means of support to help students and teachers reach their full potential, now and into the future. A healthy school district partners with local residents and businesses to help meet the growing demands of education to increase student achievement and prepare students for work in the 21st century. District 49 has several community partnerships that help enhance the educational experience for all students.
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    Falcon Education Foundation, Inc.
    11605 Meridian Market View
    Unit 124, PMB 179
    Peyton, CO 80831 


    To provide funds for innovative and unique educational opportunities.


    To provide private support to education beyond the limits of normal tax support. The Falcon Education Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation under the laws of Colorado.


    The foundation’s only source of revenue is income generated by fundraising. These resources are made available from individual donations, corporate donations, fundraisers, foundations, estates and charitable gifts.


    The Falcon Education Foundation considers educational opportunities that are creative, innovative and beyond the regular classroom curriculum.

    Board of Trustees

    The Falcon Education Foundation Board of Trustees is a volunteer group of private citizens who meet regularly.

Falcon Education Foundation Updates

  • Call For Volunteers:

    The Falcon Education Foundation is always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated individuals who would like to volunteer skills, resources or ideas to support its mission.

    The board meets monthly and holds a big annual fundraiser each spring. FEF welcomes new board directors and individuals who would like to help specifically with the annual fundraiser.

    If you would like to directly affect the quality of education in District 49 classrooms, please reach out to an FEF board director.

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Apply For An FEF Mini Grant

FEF Board of Trustees

Phone: kayla.mariah.maldonado@gmail.com
Amy Matisek
Vice President
Phone: amatisek@d49.org
Tammy Harold
Phone: tammyharold06@yahoo.com
Phone: sandi_esparsen@yahoo.com
Peter Hilts
Board Director
Phone: philts@d49.org
JaDee Harsma
Board Director
Phone: jharsma@dlrgroup.com
Matt Meister
Board Director
Phone: mmeister@kxrm.com
Michelle Wortkoetter
Board Director
Phone: mwortkoetter@d49.org
Stephanie Hazelton
Board Director
Phone: stephaniekhazelton@gmail.com