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  • Welcome Back, Alumni! Each year, we welcome back our past Scorpions for the Homecoming Football game on your 10 and 20 year reunion years!  If you are interested in taking a group tour of the building, attending and being recognized at the Homecoming Football Game, or assistance with advertising your reunion information, please contact Lauren Stuart at


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  • Alumni School District 49 would like to hear from its alumni and their families. Are you preparing for graduation? Did you graduate, and then move on to a college or career? Who inspired you or changed your life in a positive way? Do they know about it?

    Think back to your elementary school teachers. Did anyone take an extra step toward providing a safe and caring environment? How about your middle school, did someone spark an interest in developing a special skill? High school educators frequently refine interests in specific colleges or careers. Did someone go above and beyond your family's expectations to ensure your preparedness for your next phase in life? Did you benefit from one of District 49's specialized programs, such as alternative learning, blended learning (online and classroom) or homeschool enrichment?

    Are you a parent or guardian using innovative tools and instruction to continue learning opportunities outside of school? Do you have a resource other parents should know about? Tell us about it.

    Share your story. By sending detailed information, your story could be used in our print and online information resources. If you prefer your comments remain reserved for professional development purposes only, let us know. Your story can be saved for internal use, such as faculty workshops and school improvement discussions — it could lead to special educator recognition.

    Responses to Graduate Survey

    "I am proud to say that I went K-12 in this district. I then went on Adams State College to get my music education degree. When I graduated from college I taught in another district but soon found myself wanting to come back. I have been teaching music in the district for 11 years now. Both of my parents graduated from Falcon, I did and now I have both of my boys in the district. Good place for all of us." Comment by Joanie Chapman, Falcon High School graduate of 1990, on Nov. 28, 2012.
    "I was a military child and I moved around a lot. Sand Creek High School was very welcoming and it was like I was a student the whole time — I had moved in the middle of my freshman year. I had really good teachers, Mrs. Moon and Mrs. Gugeler to name a few. The teachers were willing to teach and I could tell they loved their job." Comment by Natasha Johnson, Sand Creek High School graduate of 2010, on Oct. 27, 2012.