About iConnect Zone

  • Falcon Virtual Academy The iConnect Zone is the only program like this in El Paso County. The “i” in iConnect stands for individual and individualized. This zone’s purpose is to provide a place where everyone fits. The iConnect Zone provides opportunities for students to maximize their learning potential. We believe that by being accessible to the students, families, educators and the other zones we can provide the best educational solutions to meet the individuals’ peak potential.

    Our Mission

    To interconnect effective educational systems which inspire individuals to realize their learning potential.

    To investigate and implement the best educational practices that lead students to succeed.

    To invest in students by challenging and developing citizens that compete in a global society.

    To invent settings and systems that empower individuals' learning, leadership and life.

    To inspire individuals with meaningful challenges and surround them with nurturing support to achieve ambitious goals.



    are an independent entity within Falcon School District 49, possessing the freedom and flexibility to implement new methods, courses, programs, etc., as they relate to the success of our students.


    are a solutions hub committed to gathering and sharing information, knowledge, teaching models and ideas that will maximize our students’ learning potential.


    are a singular point of contact for students, parents, administrators, counselors, educators and the greater community looking for solutions, ideas, and inspiration.


    We are committed to providing students, parents and educators with the tools to help the students realize their potential through engagement, collaboration, participation, responsiveness and family involvement.


    are accessible to anyone in the community who needs assistance in overcoming a challenge, finding direction and ascending to the next level in education.

About District 49

  • Our vision is to be the best choice in public education. We envision a future when every time a student, parent, or educator chooses a school district, we are the best choice they can make.
    We have a mission to Learn, Work, and Lead. Our commitment is to be the best place to learn, to work, and to lead. Every day, we create environments so that everyone associated with the district is always learning, working, and leading us to be the best. By learning, working, and leading, we will prepare students, in a safe and caring environment, to be successful, competent and productive citizens in a global society.

    District 49 spans 133 square miles of urban and rural areas in Colorado, covering northeast Colorado Springs and the Falcon area of El Paso County. The district's central office is located at 10850 E. Woodmen Road in Peyton, Colo. As the fastest growing school district in the Pikes Peak region, it's currently serving more than 21,000 students within its portfolio of schools. The district offers school of choice options.

    District 49 is led by a chief executive officer who supervises offices focused on business, operations, and education. The CEO works collaboratively with department directors and teams staffed with activity coordinators and specialists.

    • Peter Hilts, CEO

Central Office Location