Operations Office Overview

  • School District 49's operations office is driven by a vision: to provide the highest quality facilities, operations, and maintenance support so our students and staff have the best opportunity to reach their highest potential. Our mission is to provide safe, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing facilities for our students, staff and community stakeholders through timely communication, accurate analysis, and effective use of resources. We guide our daily decisions and long term planning with these goals in mind while creating a pleasant, fulfilling and healthy workplace through the following set of values.

    Operations Core Values

    1. Educational Excellence
    2. Human Diversity
    3. Individual Potential
    4. Lifelong Learning
    5. Productive Effort
    6. Shared Responsibility
    7. Ethical Behavior
    8. Continuous Improvement


    Baldridge Core Values
    1. Visionary Leadership
    2. Learning Centered Education
    3. Organizational and Personal Learning
    4. Valuing Facility, Staff and Partners
    5. Managing for Innovation
    6. System’s Perspective
    7. Management by Fact
    8. Public Responsibility & Citizenship
    9. Agility
    10. Focus on Results and Creating Value


    Safety Concerns
    Providing a safe environment for our students to learn, our teachers and staff to work, and our leadership to lead is very important to District 49. If you become aware of a potential safety concern, please feel free to contact our safety, health and regulatory compliance coordinator at safety@d49.org. Do you have a question or concern about District 49's operations office? If so, contact us by completing the form here. We value your privacy and we'll only use your email for responding to your message.
Pedro Almeida
Chief Operations Officer
Phone: 719.495.1118
Jennifer Kiggins
COO Executive Assistant
Phone: 719.494.8912
Monica Deines-Henderson
Nutrition Services Director
Phone: 719.495.1106
Ron Lee
Director of 3B MLO Capital Construction
Phone: 719.495.1146
CJ Jilek
Co-Director of Facilities
Phone: 719.494.8987
Daniel Payne
Co-Director of Facilities
Phone: 719.243.0453
Jack Pietraallo
Transportation Director
Phone: 719.495.1159
David Watson
Safety and Security Director
Phone: 719.494.8916
Tara Carey
Safety and Health Compliance Specialist
Phone: 719.494.8934