• One of the most unique aspects of Patriot High School is our "Flex Friday" model.  Fridays ARE REQUIRED for all students and attendance IS TAKEN, but, instead of attending their regular schedule, each student has a special schedule made to reflect their specific needs and interests.  Each week, students create their Flex Friday schedules with their advisors.  Although the weekly class offerings change throughout the year, this process for creating a Flex Friday schedule involves the following priorities:

    1. Students must attend "tutoring" periods for any class that they are currently failing.
    2. Students assigned to "skills acquisition / focus groups" must attend to get extra help in that academic area (reading, writing, math).
    3. Special time set aside for schoolwide assessments (STAR 360, ThinkCERCA, ASVAB, etc).
    4. ICAP classes (grade-level specific)
    5. Career guest speakers / field trips
    6. Clubs and activities

    Classes are shorter on Fridays (45 minutes), so students are free to go at 1:30.  Additionally, students who make the prestigious "Dean's List" for the week may earn the right to have a shorter day and/or an excused absence (parent approval required).  Dean's List students must have the following:

    • No failing classes
    • B-average in their current classes
    • 80% or higher year-to-date attendance
    • No recent suspensions or detentions
    • Are not scheduled for "skills acquisition / focus groups"
    • Are caught up with their ICAP requirements (classwork AND career-themed events)