Government Affairs

  • It is vitally important for District 49 to actively monitor the progress and potential impact of legislation at both the state and federal levels of government to plan for the future. Specifically, decisions at all levels of government directly affect school budgets and district policies. At times, D49 deploys strategic planning and political engagement to achieve policy and regulatory goals for the students of the district.

    D49 works with Amy Atwood of Atwood Public Affairs to ensure the district has a voice in critical proceedings at the state capital. Atwood provides D49 the ability to communicate with our state representatives and to work with them in creating, implementing and changing public policy.

    Atwood was instrumental in 2022 as D49 led the way in getting Senate Bill 22-202 signed into law. The bill provides state-matching funds to school districts that are considered “property-poor” when it comes to local tax efforts and mill levy overrides based on assessed property values.

    You can read more about Senate Bill 22-202 here.


Education Organizations

  • District 49 is an active member of several organizations including Pikes Peak Area of Superintendents, Colorado Association of School Boards, and Colorado Association of School Executives. These organizations have advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels which have direct impacts to our school district.