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Special Education Updates

  • Family, School, & Community Partnering - Online Learning Opportunities from CDE

    Posted by Linda Koch on 9/25/2019

    CDE is offering three online courses with specific topics & focus areas for 2019-20.


    ~ Family, School, & Community Partnering high Impact Strategies: Communicating and Designing Homework "Two-Way"


    ~ Multi-Tiered Family, School, & Community Partnering


    ~ Family-School Partnering at the Secondary level


    Please see attached flyer for additional information on each course description.

    CDE Online Courses





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  • Special Education Mission Statement

    Posted by Linda Koch on 9/23/2019 1:00:00 PM

    D49 Special Education Department's mission is to recognize each student as an individual. To respect, enable and empower each of our students to promote positive outcomes by fostering a caring, creative, and inclusive learning environment emphasizing spirit and resilience.

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  • Special Education Records Destruction

    Posted by Linda Koch on 9/17/2019 8:00:00 AM

    Special Education Records Destruction

    The District maintains inactive Special Education Records for a period of six years following termination of enrollment. Following general public notice of two weeks, records are destroyed. You can choose to retrieve your Special Education records prior to destruction by contacting the Special Services Center no later than September 30, 2020.  Records to be destroyed will be September 2014-15 and earlier. 


    Email Leatha Hansz at thansz@d49.org


    Leatha Hansz 

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  • 2016 Pikes Peak Interagency Transition Team Directory

    Posted by Linda Koch on 5/18/2016

    The Pikes Peak Interagency Transition Team was created in 1992 when transition services were mandated by the State, and transition coordinators needed to tell families what resources were available. The PPITT has evolved so that agencies and providers can stay updated, connected and to network. PPITT also publishes an annual resource directory and hosts an annual resource fair. In addition, PPITT has a listserv where events, etc. are posted and forwarded by members.


    Attached is the 2016 Directory.

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  • Transitions Community Agency

    Posted by Linda Koch on 4/28/2016


    Please view the attached flyer with information regarding the Transitions program (Students 18-21 years old)


    Transitions Community Agency Information



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  • BlueStar Guide: Community Resource for Autism Asperger Connection

    Posted by Linda Koch on 8/18/2015
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  • Special Needs Parent Toolkit (Military Families)

    Posted by Linda Koch on 5/6/2015
    Military Resource for Military Families

    Download the Special Needs Parent Toolkit here.
    The Department of Defense Special Needs Parent Tool Kit has comprehensive information and tools that are geared toward helping military families with children with special needs navigate the maze of medical and special education services, community support, benefits and entitlements.
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Special Education Overview

  • Our special education teams and services work to keep you informed of and supported in the educational trends related to standards-based instruction, accommodations, and classroom assessment for students with a disability.

    Highly effective school environments prioritize the academic achievement and social skills of all students.

    We identify research-based strategies and practices that support positive behavioral outcomes for all students. Implementation of effective strategies and best practices within a variety of host settings, improves school climate and student outcomes.

    Accommodations play an important role in educational settings, particularly for students whose disabilities interfere with performing learning task (such as reading a book, taking notes in class, or writing an essay) or testing tasks (such as getting through the items within the time limit or filling in the circles on a multiple-choice test). A critical part of teaching and assessing students with disabilities, then, is providing them with accommodations that support learning and that support their ability to show what they know and can do.”

    It is our goal to provide educators and administrators current information and resources in the areas of instructional accommodations and assessment for students with a disability. Please contact your district or school special education teams to take advantage of state guidance documents, professional development training opportunities and other resources designed to support all students with a documented need, including students with a disability.

Preschool Special Education

  • Preschool special education is a state and federal mandated program for three- and four-year-old children who meet state eligibility criteria of developmental delay or disability and are experiencing challenges in their learning and development. A child is eligible if they have a significant delay in one or more areas of development, such as learning, speaking or playing. Eligible children are entitled to a free appropriate public education in the least restrictive environment. This means that the required preschool services are to be provided in the least restrictive setting at no cost to parents.

Child Find

  • Child Find is the process of identifying and assessing children from birth to 21 years old who may have developmental delays, be at risk of having a developmental delay due to a diagnosed medical condition, or who have an educational disability. Our team may consist of an early childhood special educator, speech pathologist, school psychologist, and/or school nurse. We also provide audiological, motor and behavioral services as needed.

    For children birth up to age three, our Child Find process is done in collaboration with The Resource Exchange. For children ages three to five years old, parents can speak with their child's teacher. For middle school and high school students, parents can meet with the school psychologist or counselor.
Dr. Jean Rice
Director of Special Education
Phone: 719.494.8932
Rosa Stephens
Special Education Administrative Assistant
Phone: 719.494.8932
David Hurley
Special Education Coordinator iConnect Zone
Phone: 719.963.7028
Emily Tucker
Special Education Coordinator Falcon Zone
Phone: 719.494.8935
Tami Matthews
Special Education Coordinator Sand Creek Zone
Phone: 719.491.3044
Sheryl Montoya
Special Education Coordinator Power Zone
Phone: 719.310.8456
Meghan McEvoy
Child Find Coordinator
Phone: 719.494.8715
Lisa Amthor
Individualized Education Programs Specialist
Phone: 719.495.1149 ext. 1050
Patsy Prettyman
Special Education Nurse Team Lead
Phone: 719.452.1354
Ryan Can
Special Education Motor Team Co-Lead
Mark Guthmiller
Special Education School Psychologist Team Co-Lead
Jamie Mendell
Special Education SLP Team Co-Lead
Phone: 719.495.1149 ext 4228
Heather Salas
Special Education SLP Team Co-Lead
Dr. Nancy Lemmond
Executive Director of Individualized Education
Phone: 719.494.8933
Leatha Hansz
Individualized Education Compliance Assistant
Phone: 719.495.1149 x1038
Megan Mucciolo
Special Education School Psychologist Team Co-Lead
Julie Can
Special Education Motor Team Co-Lead