• Grades 6-12

D49 Special Education

  • D49 Special Education Department recognizes each student as an individual.  Our staff is committed to respect, enable, and empower each of our students.  In D49 we strive to foster a caring, creative, and inclusive learning environment emphasizing positive spirit and resilience.

    It is our goal to provide educators and administrators current information and resources in the areas of instruction, accommodations, and assessment for students with a disability. Please contact your school special education team to discuss individual programming for your child. 

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  • Contact your school of attendance for information on individual programming for your child.

    D49 School Directory

Special Education Staff

Dr. Jean Rice
Director of Special Education
Phone: 719.494.8932
David Hurley
Special Education Coordinator, iConnect Zone
Phone: 719.963.7028
Tami Matthews
Special Education Coordinator, Falcon Zone
Phone: 719.491.3044
Sheryl Montoya
Special Education Coordinator, Power Zone
Phone: 719.310.8456
Rhonda May
Special Education Coordinator, Sand Creek Zone
Phone: 719.494.8935
Marty Gordon
Special Education AdministrativeAssistant
Phone: 719.494.8932