Annual Report to Stakeholders

  • Each year, school districts in Colorado are required to report school performance to the community, as required by the Every Student Succeeds Act. This required information is produced and made available on the Colorado Department of Education’s website. For your convenience in accessing District 49 and individual school data, instructions are provided below.

    Some direct links are provided in the left-side menu (arrow menu on phone). 

    Access School And District Annual Report Performance Information
    • Click the link for direct access to annual report data on the Colorado Department of Education SchoolView Data Center.  School districts are listed on the right side of the page, in alphabetical order. 
    • Click the arrow below the district name to display schools in a district. Tabs across the top of the page assist users in navigating through the different data sets. 
        • Performance Data   
          • State mandated assessment results by grade, school, district and state.
        • Accountability Data
          • School and district performance frameworks
          • Federal data requirements, including Title I and Title III annual objectives
        • Staff Data
          • Number of highly qualified teachers by school and district
          • Teacher equity