Business Office Overview

  • District 49 strives to remain a trustworthy recipient of taxpayer investment. Throughout continued growth, the district’s financial outlook remains fundamentally sound.
    Statement of Purpose 
    The District 49 business office creates a firm foundation for our district as good stewards of stakeholder trust and taxpayer investment to this community. We accomplish this through exceptional customer service, efficient and effective processes, with comprehensive strategic planning. Working as a team, we commit to communicating effectively and treating each other respectfully in all of our interactions.  
    From a business perspective, we benefit from inspiring teamwork initiatives and professional development. Highly qualified financial staff members work in close collaboration with educational leaders. That collaboration is a key contributor to the district’s solid financial position. When its community asks for more efficiency, the district responds. The values with which we manage our district financially reflect the values of our community. The district’s culture is ensuring we operate responsibly with taxpayer dollars.

    From a financial perspective, we point to a couple of items:
    1. District 49, like all public entities, is subject to an annual financial audit by an independent audit firm. For the last couple of years, Hoelting and Company Inc., an external auditor, has consistently provided opinions stating District 49 finances are sound and follow appropriate accounting principals.
    2. We have the sophistication to self-prepare the audit report, titled “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report,” which includes relevant statistical information to supplement the financial data normally presented.
    3. All school districts are measured against each other and against an expectation of fiscal responsibility by the Office of the State Auditor. District 49 compares favorably. Among our peers, the 20 largest school districts in Colorado, District 49 has consistently ranked in the top five for overall fiscal health. We do this with one of the lowest levels of funding from the state formula, and with relatively little override funding from local taxpayers. District 49 is one of the most efficient districts in Colorado.
  • Brett Ridgway
    Chief Business Officer
    Office: 719.495.1130
    Dani Jacquez
    CBO Executive Assistant
    Office: 719.495.1130
    Debbie Knoerr
    Payroll Manager
    Office: 719.495.1102
    Fran Christensen
    Accounting and Grants Fiscal Compliance Manager
    Office: 719.494.8903
    Melissa Andrews
    District Planner
    Office: 719.494.8997
    Ron Sprinz
    Finance Group Manager
    Office: 719.495.1109
    Jim Rohr
    Purchasing and Contract Manager
    Office: 719.495.1166
    Jodi Poulin
    Accounting Group Manager
    Office: 719.494.8920
    Shannon Hathaway
    Risk and Benefits Manager
    Office: 719.495.1158
    Lynette Fandrei
    Business & Operations Senior Systems Analyst
    Office: 719.495.1129