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    Our families are our foundation. They are made up of a wide variety of cultures, socioeconomic backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences; a diversity that makes us strong. We strive to make our D49 families feel safe, supported, and connected. Please utilize this site to access information on current parent academies, upcoming events, a wide variety of family-related topics, and links to district and community resources that impact families. This information is provided by Title I Family Engagement as a convenient resource/information hub, but should not be considered an endorsement of any particular agency or business.

Resource Links

  • Parenting:  Helpful and encouraging information on the joys and challenges of being a parent.

    Family Finances: A variety of ways to help manage the everyday and complex financial situations families face.

    Health & Well Being: Advice and tools to help enhance a healthy lifestyle for you and your child.

    District/School: Resources to help navigate the services, programs, and curricula offered in School District 49.

    Assistance Programs: In whatever way you and your family need help, there is a wide range of assistance programs offered throughout the Colorado Springs community.




  • Click on the links below for upcoming presentations, workshops, webinars and meetings that might be of interest to D49 families. For events specific to one school, go to that school's website or Facebook page. 

  • D49 Title I Family Engagement has created lists of useful resources (prepared by experts at the  local and national level) that are responsive to the requests we most often receive from our families.  

    Though most of these resources are not associated or affiliated with D49, our team of experts trust they will provide direct access to useful information for our families and may provide students with better learning environments. Information shared and reposted on is not intended to constitute an endorsement or legal advice: instead, all information and content are for general informational purposes. These pages contain links to third-party websites and are consolidated for the convenience of our families in support of our strategic Big Rocks of Launching Successful Students, Building Firm Foundations, Engaging our Community and Valuing All People. The opinions and ideas expressed in these resources are those of the creators and should be fully vetted before applying them to your situation.