• Foreign Exchange Students


    School District 49 recognizes the educational and cultural value of international exchange programs and foreign exchange students and authorizes the admission of a limited number of non-immigrant foreign exchange students to the education programs offered in the district's schools in accordance with this policy and accompanying regulation.  The district reserves the right to deny admission to any student, in accordance with applicable law. 


    Board of Education Policy JFABB, Admission of Non-immigrant Foreign Exchange Students

    Board of Education Policy JFABB-R, Admission of Non-immigrant Foreign Exchange Students


    Quotas for International Student Enrollment for the 2024-2025 School year:  Each agency is limited to 2 foreign exchange students per school.

    • Falcon High School-3 students
    • Sand Creek High School-6 students
    • Vista Ridge High School-3 students

    In the event that a host family placement is not working out, it will be the job of the agency to find a replacement home. Asking the school staff, teachers, coaches, or the foreign exchange student to find a home will not be permitted.  Failure to comply with the procedures will jeopardize organizations’ ability to place foreign exchange students in School District 49.


    Approvals for admission must be obtained from the principal or administrative designee by June 1 for fall enrollment or by December 15 for spring enrollment, except under unusual circumstances.


    Please contact the school coordinators below for information about enrollment at a specific high school:


    Nicole Garcia, Falcon High School, FE contact

    Phone-719-495-1149 ext. 2534




    Paula Fox, Sand Creek High School, FE contact





    Sara Adcock, Vista Ridge High School, FE contact

    Phone 719-494-8804