Innovative Pathways

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    Are you interested in flying drones? How about creating your own virtual reality space? Are you ready to build and design your own smart home? Do you want to find out where "the cloud" really is? In our innovative collections of electives students experience emerging technologies and are introduced to future focused careers. These courses offer engaging interactives and activities that are embedded throughout each lesson while topics and concepts are presented through a real-world lens.  Following an innovative framework, learners examine the impact of technologies on our society and economy, practice career-ready skills, and prepare for the careers and technology of their future.

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    In the Engineering pathway at Springs Studio, students invent, design, and build things to solve problems and achieve practical goals. The Project Lead the Way program specializes in a project-based environment where students collaborate with other students and build skillsets that will help students who decide to pursue engineering in college or as a career.  The Engineering pathway is also a good choice for students who want engaging hands-on activities and chances to learn problem solving skills, even if they aren't interested in engineering as a career.  Activities that we have designed for these courses include 3D printing, laser cutting, CAD 3D modeling, rocket building, CO2 dragster design, robot design and coding! 

    The  Digital Art pathway includes those occupations that use visual art, and digital media as communication and expression. In addition to an understanding of current workplace practice, this career pathway requires the development of knowledge and skills in both visual art concepts as well as new and emerging digital processes by which individuals are able to create and communicate complex concepts in a broad range of occupations and professions. Majors in the this pathway include:   Fine Arts, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Photographer, and Digital Media. 

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Innovative Pathway Opportunties

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