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    The purpose of the Data & Performance team is to serve everyone in the district who creates and uses data by ensuring the data is accurate, easily available, and secure for the express purpose of making our district the best choice to learn, work, and lead.

    The goal of Data & Performance is to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the data used in our Student Information Systems.

    This provides the basic principles of data management that can be broken down as follows:


    Availability: Ensuring that PowerSchool and other systems are available and accessible by the users within the district who rely on this resource for their daily functions. This includes maintenance protocols, data backups, and cross-system data consistency for quick recovery from catastrophic failures.

    Integrity: Specifically related to the accuracy of the data contained within the SIS (Student Information System); This area is met by routine data consistency checks and searching out errors before they become an issue or are noticed by end-users. Creating processes to ensure that the data entered is accurate and maintained as long as needed and as governed by the Colorado Department of Education.

    Confidentiality: This area is approached with the utmost importance. Securing the personal information of those contained in our SIS (Student Information System) and connected resources is priority #1 for our team and will continue to be so moving forward. We are constantly looking for new ways to ensure controls are in place to limit access to those who need it while balancing usability.

Data & Performance Director

Matthew Barrett
Director of Data & Performance
Phone: 719-495-1130