• The SAAC consists of a cross-section of members of the PHS community and must consist of the following:

    • A minimum of three parents/guardians of current PHS students
    • A minimum of two PHS staff members (not including the principal)
    • A minimum of one community member who is non a parent/guardian of a current PHS student
    • The PHS principal

    The SAAC meets quarterly and contribute to the school in the following ways:

    1. Identification of areas of study concerning school issues by the SAAC to be determined at least annually.

    2. Development of broad goals and specific performance objectives for the educational process and identification of activities of the school to advance students toward these goals and objectives.

    3. Discuss issues of Curriculum, Budget, Growth, Safety, Wellness, and Communication to the school administration.

    4. Give input to the determination of success or failure of decisions affecting the educational process.

    5. A review of assessments (UIP) to provide relevant comparative data at least in the areas of Reading, Writing, Mathematics, in addition to, Science, Social Studies, English Language Development, and Gifted.

    6. Report to students, parents, educators and the general public on the educational and safety performance of the school.

    7. One parent will be a representative of the SAAC on the D49 DAAC; one additional parent will be an alternate representative.

    8. Review and approval of SAAC Bylaws at least bi-annually.

    9. Promote SAAC membership to eligible members of the community.

    Dates and documents for 2022-23

    • Quarter 1 meeting (9/7/22) - minutes
    • Quarter 2 meeting (11/17/22) - minutes
    • Quarter 3 meeting (3/2/23) - minutes
    • Quarter 4 meeting (4/27/23) - minutes