What is Pikes Peak Early College?

    Pikes Peak Early College is a public school-of-choice high school in District 49 and one of the only hybrid learning early college environments in the state.  Students enrolled in Pikes Peak Early College have the opportunity to simultaneously earn their high school diploma, industry certification, associate’s degree, or up to two years of college credit.  

        • We are a fully hybrid-learning school in District 49 running face-to-face classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

        • We offer a combination of high school and college classes on our campus. 

        • Our newly-expanded campus is an open concept 21,000 square foot state-of-the-art building that emulates the unique feel of a college campus.

        • Our high school curriculum is rigorous, relevant, and personalized to meet the needs of all learners and learning pathways.

        • Pikes Peak Early College is a multi-district high school providing online and hybrid educational opportunities for students all over the state of Colorado.

        • We offer NCAA Approved coursework for college-bound athletes

        • We have a unique combination of High School and College Courses on our campus

        • We partner with several different community colleges and universities around the state to provide individualized degree plans for students.  




      • Students can receive both a high school diploma, industry certification, and associate’s degrees, or up to two years of college credit simultaneously while enrolled in high school

      • Tuition-free for students taking high school and college courses

      • We pay up to 60 college credits at the community college in-person rate

      • Offers face to face support from experienced and certified teachers

      • Online opportunities ensure every student has access to the best education available regardless of geography, income, or background.

    Learning Community

    Pikes Peak Early College offers an innovative way for high school students to earn both their high school diploma and a two-year associate’s degree (or up to two years’ credit toward a bachelor’s degree) in the time it takes to go to high school; saving students and their families both time and money. We are focused on getting our students on a direct college pathway. Pikes Peak Early College takes student’s high school education beyond college preparation because our students are actually taking college courses. We make college possible for our high school students who otherwise have few opportunities to continue with higher education.