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    Did you know that you can explore careers, develop technical skills, earn industry certifications, and take FREE college classes through D49?  Check out the variety of Career & College Readiness programs available where you can learn more about your interests and talents, build your digital profile and resume, and work on real-world projects to prepare for your future goals and dreams.

    D49 is committed to Every Student - making education accessible, where your strengths, interests, and experiences lead you on a unique journey to success after high school.

     Student learns to use a drill

Career & College Opportunities

  • Career Exploration & Planning

  • College Credit in High School

  • Graduation Requirements & Transcripts

Applied & Advanced Learning Staff & Partners

Mary P̩erez
Director of Applied & Advanced Learning
Phone: 719-495-5533
Cheryl DeGeorge
Phone: 719-494-8923
Christina Vetromile
Career & Technical Education Program Manager
Phone: 719-495-1149 x2105
Carmen Banuelos
AAL Specialist
Phone: 719-495-1149 x3715
Grace Ferguson
Portfolio of Schools Coordinator
Phone: 719-495-1149 x4513